Bandana and Boots

Have you received a scarf as a gift in the past? Did you wonder what the heck you were going to do with it? I actually planned to frame a few of mine as beautiful artwork but I am quite happy I haven’t yet. Why? One of the biggest trends of 2015 is the scarf! Best way to wear it? Bandit style! Yup, like a true outlaw. You may have seen this popping up on the runway, fashion campaigns, and style forecasts for spring 2015 and now it is your turn. The style is really easy to re-create, I recommend this tutorial and can be worn with a dress or t-shirt and jeans. It gives the illusion of a necklace but is a more modern twist on the accessory. There are a few other ways I plan to wear my new Kelly Wearstler scarf (via Forty Five Ten) so stay tuned!

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outfit detail || T by Alexander Wang Silk T-Shirt Dress (similar look under $20), Kate Faux Suede Over-the-Knee boots, Robe coat (similar under $115),

accessory detail || Candy Shop Vintage Elephant necklace, Kelly Wearstler Graffito scarf c/o Forty Five TenSuper ‘Classic Crystal Flash Matte’ Mirror SunglassesDaniel Wellington Classic St. Andrews c/o, Dana Rebecca Lauren Joy necklace, Ellie Jay H ring, Ellie Jay 5 Row diamond

Sunnies and Skulls

Want to know something kind of weird about me? I like skulls. Ya, totally weird. But hear me out. I didn’t always  like skulls. Actually as a child I thought they were completely weird and creepy. It wasn’t until I received a skull bracelet and attached to the bracelet was a description about what the skull represented. It gave a beautiful caption and I wish I could remember everything but the one thing that stood out was – New Beginnings. Being that I am always open to something new and often times need to learn to “let go” I have found the beauty in skulls. I am sure some people out there will disagree and say they are evil but I choose to see them for the positive. And each day when I look at them I am reminded that it is never too late to let go of negativity, start over, and begin again! Since I also love sunglasses I figured I would combine the two for a fun display. Annnnnd, so I could finally explain myself for anyone who comes over and sees all of the skulls. Ya, I am not a freak. Well, maybe only a small one. But anything that represents something magical, I am all for! So ladies and gents (if I have any gent readers) I give you Sunnies and Skulls…or Skulls Wearing Sunnies!

Ray Ban Wayfarer sunnies in black via Smart Buy glasses c/o


Ray Ban Classic Aviator in Black


Super ‘Classic Crystal Flash Matte’ Mirror Sunglasses


Look Linger Love Home Inspiration

There aren’t very many homes I walk into and love everything about them. Usually there are certain aspects I would change – be it the decor or the layout. Not that I am a design professional but I do have very picky taste. However, from the moment I walked into Chassity of Look Linger Loves home, I was smitten. It was clean and modern, yet extremely warm and inviting. My favorite style decor is Scandinavian  – fresh,  minimal, and monotone. However, Chassity has me fully convinced I need pops of color. Her design palette was clean but with unexpected hints of bright colors. It was done to perfection (as you can see). Chassity has two beautiful kids and you can tell she took them into consideration when designing, but kept a perfect balance for both kids and adults! Which is so important to me! However, the kids play room was one of my favorite parts! Imagine colors galore with tea sets and tents. Oh, and trolls along the walls (I might steal this idea one day)! I mean, what else does a kid need? But my real favorite part? Her stove in her kitchen and the patterned floor in her hallway. I love that she used a lot of white but then added different design textures using her floors, the lights, and the art. Really, I could gush all day  but I will let you browse for yourself! It really is a dream home tucked nicely into one of my favorite cities – Charleston! Seriously Chassity, be more perfect!

look-linger-love-home-4look-linger-love-home-16look-linger-love-home-17 look-linger-love-home-7 look-linger-love-home-1-2 look-linger-love-home-1-3 look-linger-love-home-1-4 look-linger-love-home-1-5 look-linger-love-home-1look-linger-love-home-15

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