5 Places I Want to Visit

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Traveling is my drug of choice. It makes me happy, relaxed, and fills any void in my life. I am pretty sure that is what drugs do to addicts, therefore it is my drug of choice. There are so many places both domestic and internationally I am dying to visit. I just hope I have enough time to get to them all. The world is incredible with its different cultures and landscapes it is hard to not find beauty everywhere you go.

This week I am planning a getaway trip for the hubs and I’s one year. Since we are going to Rio in June we decided to take a mini vacay to tide us over. We are debating on a few different cities but are narrowing down the list this weekend! The only things on our list are sun, relaxation, and cocktails. Since this upcoming trip is low key I have provided a list of five dream places I want to eventually visit. Can you imagine taking a long nap in a swinging bed in Bali, touring the cobblestone streets of Greece, watching the northern lights while being tugged away in a cozy bed, or swimming the blue lagoons in Iceland? Wherever your dream places are to go – write them down and cross them off. It might take your entire life to finish the list but isnt that the fun of it?

Kupu Kupu Barong hotel, BaliPink Lake Hillier, AustriliaBlue Lagoon Hotel, Iceland, Mykonos Greece by Gaye GerardKakslauttanen Hotel Finland

A New Scent


Marni Eau de Perfum // Jardin Des Plantes bowl

I am a creature of habit. I usually stick to what I know and hardly ever spice it up – make-up, hair product, nail color, clothing, ect. If I know I like something, why change? For the past decade I think I have worn the same perfume. The only time I changed it up was in 2008 when my suitcase got lost while studying abroad in Oxford. For two weeks I was without my necessities so purchased all new ones, including perfume. I settled on Stella McCartney and have been extremely happy with it for the past six years. Before that my go-to was Chance by Chanel. Yes, the same Chance you all wore in 2000. I am telling you, I don’t change. I am sure you are asking, “if you don’t change why is there a Marni bottle in the picture?” Well my friends, I have seen the light. Not that my other scents weren’t exceptional but there is nothing like a game-changer.

I hate my perfume sweet or floral. I don’t want to smell like a prostitute or a flower shop. It just isn’t for me. I like my scents to be a bit masculine with a splash of feminine. Marni is incredible. A bit of musty and a bit of rose. Best of both worlds. Marni liked their first scent so much and didn’t want to create an entire new one, that they just reversed their original receipt. So say there were three parts rose, one part must in the original, the new perfume has three parts must and one part rose. Those are by no means the exact receipt but for writing purposes you get the point. And I am telling you – whatever the receipt, it is divine! I have never received SO many compliments from both women and men  on my perfume! So whether you are in the market for a new perfume or just need to change it up definitely put Marni on your list!

Brass Etagere Score

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I have always been so enamored with brass etageres. I used to search the web for hours picking out my favorite one. It was always this beautiful, but out of budget, Worcester from Arteriors. We were almost ready to pull the trigger on this lucite and brass etagere from Jonathan Adler until we realized it was much too short. The space we needed to fill in our bedroom is quite long and very tall so the piece had to fit a few requirements. Back to the drawing board. It had been about a year of searching for an etagere with the right look, size, and price. I pride myself on my ability to find the perfect piece at the right price but sometimes you just have to know when to throw the towel in.

About a year later I was chatting with my friend Sally who told me I had to check out Scout Design Studio. I instantly followed them on Instagram and became obsessed with their daily posts. Everything they received or posted about was perfect. From bar carts to chairs, to tables and rugs, it was all amazing. I decided to take a trip into the store and was instantly pleased. I took a walk around the store and stopped at a brass etagere. The poor thing looked straight out of the 70’s (and in the worst way possible) but it had potential. Through all the dust and wood I definitely saw its potential. It was also the exact measurements I had been looking for a year before. Totally serendipitous.  Since it was a piece in need of TLC or a definite make-over the sweet owner told me he would sell it to me for $150. I swear I couldn’t believe my ears. Even if I hated the piece I could find it in my heart to love anything for $150! Never in my wildest dreams did I believe I could find an etagere for that price. Better news was yet to come – they would take off the wood and paint the etagere right there in the store. I debated with doing a really cool lacquer color on top but ended up doing a gold that would match the brass. I was in designer heaven!

Two weeks later the piece arrived at my front door. I was both nervous and excited to see what the outcome of my total transformation would be. Total shock! Not only had they matched the gold paint but you couldn’t even tell it was paint! I was blown away by their ability to completely make this piece look new. I am so excited to start styling the piece (that post to follow) but for now I am basking in my incredible find! I guess patience does pay off in the end!

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