Quote Friday

:: If you missed my hubby’s feature on Victorias series, Man Behind the Blog, be sure to check it out! I think it turned out amazing
:: I received a lot of e-mails about this necklace. Be sure to check out Arthur and Livingston for more. 
:: I was totally inspired after seeing these ladies rocking very simple outfits! How much did you love the ASOS skirt Miranda was wearing? It is now on major sale!!
:: ASOS is having a major sale!! I bought this dress (in black) and this dress (in both red and black)! Very simple and versatile! 
:: While skimming the Shopbop sale I came across this bag! I love how simple and classic it is! Thoughts?
:: Looking to style your man? See what the men of Paris are wearing in this slideshow.
:: Lastly, as a gluten-free eater it is hard to find a good cupcake. Last week I bought and made William and Sonoma G. Free cupcake mix and it was unreal! Even non-g.free eaters loved them! I topped them off with W.S. Vanilla Bean icing (I added a scoop of cream cheese) and a few sprinkles . Mmmmmmm

New Additions

I must explain my lack of attention to the blog over the last few days. The most amazing and wonderful gift has been delivered to my family. My beautiful little nieces were born on June 25th, and are healthy, happy, and already the love of my life.  These two little girls have been long awaited so when I got the call from my sister-in-law that today was, “the day,” I first screamed, almost fainted, jumped up and down, teared up, and then realized I needed to go. After I hung up the phone I ran around the house trying to find everything I would need; camera, charger, cell phone, contacts, make-up, ect. Needless to say I left the house with work-out clothes, a pair of high heels, and two pairs of jeans. Typical.  
When I finally arrived from Dallas to Houston I was met at the elevator by my mom and brother, who was still wearing his scrubs with their foot prints stamped on it. I immeditely lost it. Something about seeing your big brother, the one who protected you your entire life, wearing two sets of little footprints and knowing that he will now be protecting his daughters, was a moment I can’t explain. I am not sure I have ever seen him look this kind of happy. It is a moment I will never forget. 
Since my sister-in-law was recovering we first went to see the little girls. To this day, as I write this, I am tearing up. Seeing something you have been waiting so long for in person and knjowing they are healthy, with five fingers and five toes, and they are safe, is overwhelming. My mom and I stood there and just stared without saying a word.  I was in love. It is crazy how much you can care for someone with one look but as I stared at them I felt both insanely protective and excited. I can’t wait to watch these girls grow, be there for monumental life experience, and teach them what I can. 
I am back at the hospital today, holding and loving my two little nuggets. All I can say is, my heart is full. So so full! 

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