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Valentines Day has always been one of my favorite holidays. Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day. V-Day really gets the eye roll most of the times and I find it quite unfortunate. Why aren’t we all excited for a day dedicated to love? Valentines Day was always one of my favorites in school. I loved as a child getting to see what cards I had received.  I would sit and read each card one by one smiling at all the little sayings, hoping that one was from my crush. Every time I see a Valentines Day card it takes me right back to that happy feeling of seeing red and pink lining the hallways and candy being tossed around the rooms.

Now that I am older I don’t have a brown paper sack full of Valentines Day cards- I now have a husband. The hubs doesn’t exactly “get” Valentines Day and how all of America flocks to buying the right flowers, candy, or gifts. For him, being Swiss, it is just another silly American day where candy companies laugh all the way to the bank. Bah Hum Bug! Unfortunately (or fortunately) for him he married an AMERICAN who LOVES Valentines Day so he has learned to except that this is his life and he better play into the entire shindig. Actually one of my favorite stories of him involves this magical day! A few years ago, before he knew what a big deal it was in America, he went to the flower store on his way home from work (around 6:30pm). He had no idea flowers actually sell out on this day (who knew) so he asked for red roses. Much to his shock they were all out. So in he comes with two dozens of orange roses. As he handed them to me he said, “did you know orange is the new red?” I almost died laughing but wanted to make him sweat a little so I called him out. “B, did you wait until the last minute to buy flowers and this was all they had left?” Well, long story short that is exactly what happened. However, I now look forward to receiving my orange roses every year! Because, did you know, orange is definitely the new red? ha!

Since I planned Valentine’s Day last year I told him it was his turn. I can tell he is really thinking about what to do because he will drop random questions, “um, would you be more in the mood for Italian or Greek?” “Would you want dark or light?” I just look at him and say, “did you not learn your lesson?” “Are you waiting until the last minute again?” Since the plans are clearly still in the air and out of my control, the one thing I CAN control is what I wear! I always try to wear a little black dress that is a little tighter or sexier than usual so he has something to look forward to. Since I am not feeling 100% about my weight right now I wanted to find a sexy little jacket to go over the dress. Lucky  for me my friend, Ashley, reached out wanting to partner together with the store LuLu’s on a Valentines Day look. I found the perfect LBD and jacket for what is sure to be an eventful or memory making evening.

Since us women are always stressing about what to wear around this time of year, right now LuLu’s is giving away an entire year of 12 free dresses to one lucky winner and her best friend. Can you imagine never having to stress about what to wear for a year? Sounds almost too good to be true! To enter the contest just click here to subscribe to the Lulu’s newsletter! You can gain additional entries by referring a friend or submitting your bestie who will receive an e-mail on how to sign-up and enter! How nice would it be to win this and instead of orange roses, you get 12 free dresses! That means your evenings just got a LOT more fun!

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outfit details // LuLu’s Tie Back Midi (also like this one and this one), Somedays Lovin Sun Sets Kimono jacket, Christian Louboutin Pigalle heels

accessory details // ZeroUV sunnies ($10), Dana Rebecca Lauren Joy necklaceEllie Jay 5 Row diamond, Croghans Crest ring

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5 thoughts on “Valentines Day + LuLus Dresses

  1. I am totally head over heels in love with this kimono jacket. I’ve been obsessed with purple lately when it comes to clothing, but hints of it…not all out purple. And I love kimonos and caftans. This fits both of those requirements! Oh and I hear you on the not being so happy about your weight right now. Why does marriage do that to you?

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