Travel Essentials


Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Camera – I love this Polaroid camera! I brought it on my trip to Europe this summer and captured really fun memories! The Polaroid’s are a great throwback to years past and also a fun and different way to capture memories! I definitely still bring my “real” camera but to spice up the photos I always have this in my bag!

Beautycounter Lustro Face Oil – My skin goes crazy on trips so I always try to stay consistent with my beauty routine. Since traveling completely strips your skin of hydration I am always sure to pack this face oil. It keeps my skin nourished and beautiful. I also love that it is 100% natural! Read about the founder, Gregg, here.

EOS Lip Balm – I have always been a chapstick junkie. There is nothing worse than dry lips. And like your skin, your lips need extra hydration too. I actually just received EOS over Christmas and am officially obsessed! I will never go back to another balm again. It is smooth, easy to apply, lasts forever, and actually hydrates your lips. After using it you will be able to tell a big difference.

Jack Black EPICMOISTURE Oil, Face and Body Wash, and Face Hydration + SPF – I am a sucker for Jack Black products. I am a new fan of theirs after discovering them a few months ago but they are one to keep in your mind. When I use their body products I know my skin is going to be transformed when I wake up. My dry winter skin is completely changed after using their lotions! I have a few of their carry-on sizes that I always make sure are in my bag! They just work. Plain and simple.

Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses in Black – Because everyone needs badass sunglasses not only when they travel but every day. And who makes cooler sunnies than Ray Ban? Absolutely No one.

Up Jawbone – I tend to walk  a lot when I travel! Because there is no better way to see and learn about a city than to walk it. As a reward at the end of the day I plug my Jawbone in and see just how many miles and calories I burned.

Daniel Wellington Classic St. Andrews – I think a watch is so much better than an iphone. Isn’t it sexier to look down and read a watch over pulling out your cell? I love classics and this watch has it all! I wear it daily so it is only fitting it travels with me too!

Apple Ipad – Mainly this is for your ride to-and-from but it is always nice to have something to unwind with in your hotel. Just make sure to download any games, apps, or movies before you leave!

Conde Nast Traveler – A.K.A. my travel bible. I have such admiration and respect for the people over at Traveler. They do such an amazing job with their content and always inspire me to keep going! If you are ever in a funk, just buy the recent issue of CN Traveler and I promise, you will pack your bags and go!




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