Top Headphones for Travel

When traveling one of my must-have items is noise canceling headphones. I used to not feel this way but a few years ago when my husband was sleeping I stole his to watch a movie. My world was changed! They made the rest of the flight 10x more enjoyable. When I board the plane I take them out of their case, put them on, and never turn them off until it is time. I eat, sleep, and read in them! I know they can be quite expensive (that is what kept  me from buying a pair) but after seeing the huge difference they made I can vouch, they are worth the investment! I personally use the Bose Quiet Comfort but if those aren’t what you are looking for hopefully I have found a pair that will make your next trip that much more enjoyable! After all, the vacay starts the moment you board. Don’t you want to make it as pleasant as possible?


Bose QuietComfort 25 Acoustic $300 // Sony MDR-NC200Ds $201 //  Able Planet Linx Fusion with ViviTouch 4D $349 //  V-Moda XS $199 //  PSB M4U 2 Active $399 

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