The Town of Marfa Texas

I had been dying to visit Marfa for quite some time. The famous Prada store, a thriving town full of artist in the middle of no where, El Cosmico, the stars, the photos, etc. It all had me dreaming of visiting. I knew I would eventually go but never knew exactly when. It was on a girls trip to California that Eva, Jena, and I all decided that had to be our next trip. We whipped out our calendars and put it on the books.

When the time came to go I was really excited. We decided to meet in Dallas (they live in Chicago) rent a car and drive to Austin and from there road trip to Marfa. I wish I could say the road trip was magic but after one encounter with the cop and turning a 5 hour trip into 10 (from driving the wrong way for two hours) it was hell on wheels. Okay, okay, I am lying. The drive really wasn’t bad and we laughed, chatted, and slept our way to Marfa. It is something I will look back on and laugh! I mean, friends where you can say, “pull over!” just to take a photo in the middle of a deserted street and they totally understand it. Let’s just say they are girls I am hanging on to!

When we finally arrived in Marfa it was dark and we were hungry. Our mission: to find food ASAP! Since we were tired and hangry we didn’t explore the city too much but saved it for the following day. Let me tell you – Marfa shuts down at night, especially on Monday’s. So we didn’t feel like we were missing too much! Once the sun rose, we were out of our beds and off to breakfast (city guide coming soon). I found the city of Marfa to be quite surreal. You literally have a ghost town that has been repainted into bright colors and redone to look almost like the set of a movie. It was crazy cool and a bit odd. That is honestly the only way I can describe it. The buildings looked brand new but the town itself is incredibly old! It is like you stepped into an artists painting. It didn’t feel real!

I am excited to bring you more on Marfa in the coming weeks but for now, take a photo journey through The Town of Marfa, Texas!

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6 thoughts on “The Town of Marfa Texas

  1. Mary,

    Thanks for this teaser post. My BFF and I wanted to drive down to Marfa but we hear the cops are out of this world. In your future post will you explain what happened when the cops pulled you over? I do not want to deal with police.

    Thank You!

    1. HI Korin,
      I would still definitely go to Marfa! The cops were only bad around the city. I was pulled over for speeding, nothing serious 🙂 We stayed at El Cosmico and you can get away with a lot out there without any cop interference. I can’t say for sure if they are bad within the city as I didn’t really see any. But that isn’t to say they aren’t there. We did go on a Sunday-Monday so the town was pretty dead, which might have had something to do with it. But really, If you want to go I think you should!! You would love it!


  2. Hi Mary! We met at my sister Meredith Levine’s (now Benage) wedding– sat at the same table at the lunch on Friday. Been following your blog and really enjoying it. We’re taking the kids on a big Texas roadtrip in a RV for Spring Break and doing a night or two in Marfa. So very much looking forward to your city guide and any recommendations! Happy holidays and hope you’re well, Allyson

    1. ALLYSON! THis is great to reconnect!!!! You are so kind to read my blog!!! REally means the world!

      Your roadtrip sounds like a dream! I hope you like Marfa! It is an interesting place 🙂 What is your e-mail and I can send over any recs that I don’t put on the guide!


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