Havana Cuba in Photos

The number one question I get asked the most about Cuba, “What was your favorite part?” And it is simple –  The streets. Since there is no internet, or many phones or T.V.’s for that matter, everyone congregates in the streets. Either they are down below enjoying in a conversation or a game of marbles or they are watching from their balconies above, laughing with their neighbors. There is such an undeniable energy in the streets of Havana. Although the buildings are falling apart and they go without a lot of our modern day conveniences, music is always playing and you are sure to find smiles on the faces of those around you. It was infectious. Since we rented an Airbnb (we did this one and I highly recommend it), our mornings were spent sitting on our balcony and enjoying watching Havana come to life.

On our last morning I woke up pretty early. I was able to catch a beautiful sunrise coming over the city. Below, it was quite except for the street sweeper. He would sweep the street debris into small piles and then come back and sweep it all into a large pile. He had gotten about half way when a man started walking down the street to work. Hola! Was all I heard. Then a woman came out and clipped her laundry on the racks outside. Next were two younger men having a chat in the street then called up to the balcony above for their friend to come down. Havana was waking up and it was the coolest thing to see!  It sounds crazy but have you ever watched a city come to life? It is incredible and something I won’t forget!

So until you make your way to Havana (go soon so you can enjoy the same type of authentic streets) I hope you enjoy your ride through, “The Streets of Havana.”

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5 thoughts on “Havana Cuba in Photos

  1. How cow, those pics are incredible!! It looks like a magical place, plucked out of time! What did they think of your blonde hair? I’m so thrilled we were able to experience that beautiful country!

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