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I am not shy when it comes to my love for London. One of my favorite things I have done there? Having afternoon tea at the acclaimed Berkeley Hotel’s Prêt-à-Portea. Everything from the tea itself, to the china, to the pettifors, to the fashion, to the thought and atmosphere. It was all a complete dream! I would absolutely love to live in London and would move there tomorrow if I could but since moving isn’t in my near future, Dallas just got the next best thing – Tea at Taschen. Last week I was lucky enough to preview this new experience. Tea at Taschen is exactly what I have been waiting for in Dallas! I 100% love and appreciate the English and European cultures and often feel bored in Dallas. Not because Dallas isn’t amazing, because it is, but because the culture across the pond is just so exciting to me.

Tea time has always been such a novelty to me. Women in their best outfits catching up over fine tea and bite size sandwiches. The entire idea is so romantic and one I have always wanted to regularly participate in. Now, I can! The Tea at Taschen is chosen by the very knowledgable tea connoisseur Sean Corocoran. He had us trying all of the most exquisite and delectable teas from Egypt, India, and Japan. My favorite? The Coconut Assam from India. It was so delightful and refreshing, everyone at the table couldn’t’ stop talking about it. As for the decor – the beautiful table and food are the child conceived from the masterminds, Executive Chef Jaco Smith and Executive Pastry Chef Ruben Torano. Jaco explained how he researched, night on end, for the proper china to use and dishes to serve. He sourced these beautiful tea glasses you see below from Australia. The man is serious about his tea time and I fully appreciate that. You can definitely feel the entire experience has been well thought out and prepared to the very last detail. His smoked salmon rillette and goat cheese cucumber brioche were so delicious you couldn’t just stop at one.

So, if I can’t live in London, I can experience my Prêt-à-Portea tea right here in Dallas. The food, tea, fashion, and ambiance are so similar that I really don’t feel like I am missing out. Next time you want a nice afternoon treat with the girls or a fun place to celebrate your birthday, don’t forget about Tea at Taschen. You can book the entire room (seats up to 16) or reserve two spots for communal tea. Whatever you do, will surly be an experience for the books! Oh, and if the above weren’t enough to get you and your girlfriends to go for a spot of tea, the Joule is also offering 10% off any books in the library. Fashion + tea, I mean… can you think of anything more perfect for an afternoon?

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