Summer Sundress

I am usually not a sucker for pink but ever since buying a coat in the same color last year I can’t get enough of it. This year alone I have already purchased a t-shirt and two dresses in this hue and I have found it nice to step out of my “comfort zone.” I know most of you are already experiencing fall or starting to experience cooler weather but I would keep your eye on this dress for when it goes on sale. I promise you will wear the s&*% out of it next summer! I have packed it in my bags to Geneva, Paris, London, Dallas, Naples, and next up Marfa and Cuba and it has been absolutely perfect for each setting. I have worn it with sandals (like here) and my nude heels! Each time I wear it I feel great in it, which makes purchasing something 100% worth it!

Mary Summers Mary Summers Mary Summers  Mary Summers-5 Mary Summers Mary Summers-7 Mary Summers-8 Mary Summers-9 Mary Summers-10 Mary Summers-13 Mary Summers-14 Mary Summers

outfit details // Tularosa X Revolve Payton dress

accessory details // Ellie Jay 14K Black Rhodium Diamond Bar bangle, Dana Rebecca Lauren Joy necklaceEllie Jay 5 Row diamond, Ellie Jay Rose Gold and Diamond H ring

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4 thoughts on “Summer Sundress

  1. I lovw it too.
    Its beautiful.
    I wish i had your height to wear it. Looks absolutely gorgeous on you. I cane thriugh from you iG and hopenyoubcan drop in at my blog soke time. Im Wendy frok Johannesburg, South Africa.?❤

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