She Reigns

There are many woman I admire in my life be it for their individuality, ability to stand up for what is right, their passions, or their strength. I am blessed to have some of the most extraordinary women around me – who can teach me something everyday. One of these women, who I admire so, is Cathy Williamson. Not only is she one of the kindest people I know but she also just fought the battle of her life with breast cancer and won! She kicked its ass to be exact! Whether she was a few hours out of chemo or about to go under reconstructive surgery her faith, personality, and spirit never waived. I am not even sure she knows how much she taught me during her battle.

For her, and the other woman I have known who had to fight the same battle, I am so honored to participate in the She Reins campaign for breast cancer awareness. You see, a year ago Cathy started a raincoat line called – She Reigns. Finding out her diagnosis she put the line on hold but is now back out there doing it again, but this time with a greater purpose. It is the kind of faith I seen in Cathy that makes me know everything happens for a reason. Her love and undying loyalty to her faith was without a doubt one of the most beautiful things I saw. Through all of the fear, tears, and weariness she always trusted her path would turn out how it was meant to. And now, thanks to her experiences she is helping other woman with this rare type of breast cancer – Triple Negative BC – take on the same battle.

Not only are her raincoats the cutest things you have ever seen (I also owned the Jenica but my mom stole it) but they are also supporting an incredible cause. This month Cathy is donating 25% of all sales to TNBC Foundation to raise awareness and raise funds for triple negative breast cancer research. It is an incredible cause, from an incredible woman, with an incredible raincoat line. I hope you all take the time and explore both of Cathy’s sites – her blog / her raincoats – and support this amazing campaign.

You can get the Patricia raincoat capes I am wearing in black /  red / navy / tan

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9 thoughts on “She Reigns

  1. Okay, since I was called out as a thief in this post I thought I should defend myself. Ha!Ha! Actually, it was Mary who came to my rescue in Europe offering for me to borrow the raincoat….but after I borrowed it I am thinking she may never get it back! I couldn’t imagine a raincoat with so much style, versatility, and sooooo comfortable! Absolutely an amazing raincoat that you would never regret purchasing…. if you don’t have a daughter sweet enough to share. I look forward to my own purchase! Cathy, you are truly amazing and though we have never met in person I keep you in my prayers. Your friendship to Mary is a very special gift! oxo

    1. I don’t even know what to say! Mary, this was the sweetest blog post, and I am so blessed and thankful to call you a good friend! You were such a great help and support to me while I was going through that battle. I am so honored that you would share SHE REIGNS on your beautiful blog. You are beautiful, and make the coat look amazing! Thank you so much for supporting me and TNBC!!!! Love you much!!!!

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