Red + Loafer Love

I told you yesterday I am obsessing over all things red so to continue on that train I bring you the J.Crew Turner pant. I absolutely love comfortable fashion so when these popped up in my inbox, I knew my next step – size, add to cart, click to purchase. Being comfortable is a key element to my wardrobe right now. I honestly think it is because I pushed boundaries and stressed so hard over what to wear and how “beauty is pain” growing up that now, I just can’t deal! I have seriously lost my tolerance. I swear I even try to wear heels randomly to “keep my system in check” but I always wake up the next morning with achy knees and swollen feet. Call it being out of shape, age, or being out of the game but I just need comfort! Since comfort is numero uno right now, I am ecstatic that the track pant trend (thanks kanye) is here. Being a girl with a wardrobe of blacks I promised myself (and the hubs) to add more color this season. My starting point of focus – red! Just you wait for the next few pieces 🙂 I might have the hubs asking me to go back to black!

j.crew-fall-2014 (37 of 107) j.crew-fall-2014 (25 of 107) j.crew-fall-2014 (31 of 107) j.crew-fall-2014 (37 of 107) j.crew-fall-2014 (39 of 107) j.crew-fall-2014 (22 of 107)

J.Crew Marbled Rib-Stitch Open Cardigan, J.Crew Turner pant, J.Crew Side-Slit t-shirt (25% off at checkout), Tod’s Leather loafer, Wildfox “Classic Fox” sunnies in Crystal

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7 thoughts on “Red + Loafer Love

  1. Love the new site! Quick Q for you – how did you find these run for size? I am typically a 6 in the minnie pant etc. but just ordered these in an 8 to make sure they fit slouchy but hoping they will still look polished? Love this colour too btw!


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