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I enjoyed an amazing meal last night with two of my favorite people, my bestie Amanda and her momma. Over the conversation we began to talk about travel, our favorite places, and how we like to explore. Each of us agreed that it was best to “put down the map and get wonderfully lost.” 
When my fiance and I traveled to Paris a few years ago he asked what I wanted to do? He likes to be organized and plan out the trip, where I like to do “as the locals do.” I told him, “I want to get lost.” I wanted to walk the streets, eat at a random cafe, and lay in the parks admiring the beautiful architecture.  But that is how I like to travel and everyone is different. I agree that having an idea of places to go and things to do is great, but for one day out of the trip you must “get lost.” If you never put the map down, you never “see” the city.
With all of that being said, I am anxiously awaiting my next destination. I believe it will be the honeymoon but I am always down for a random, off the cuff, weekend. Any takers?! 🙂
I must apologize as I was slacking this week on posting. Brice and I got a puppy and she has been taking over my life. I am finally getting into the routine of handling her and blogging so next week I should be back to normal schedule.
Monday’s post showed a great outfit that will transition from day to night. See Transition.

I also started a new, Wednesday, series called, Loving Right Now, where I will post pictures of food, products, art, and so on. The sky is the limit. Check out the first addition here.

Yesterday was a post on my first outfit in San Francisco. I loved the city and can’t wait to share more pictures next week! 
Also, if you want more M.A.S. be sure to check out Glitters Gold where I was featured. Emily asked some really fun questions so I hope you head over there!
Lastly, after seeing these jeans on Sally of A Piece of Toast I am officially obsessed. They look so cute and I love how skinny they are! Did I mention they are under $25. STEAL! I am going to snag the Stone Blue and Sauerkraut for upcoming spring festivities. Perfect with high heels or ankle booties!

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2 thoughts on “Quote Friday

  1. I am a planner…but getting lost is so fun yet scary at the same time! I am trying to be better about letting go of plans and just enjoying what’s around me!! Congrats on the pup, looks like a cutie!!


    Dominique @ ComfyCozyCouture.blogspot.com

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