Hard Partying Party Skirt

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Jaimie’s Party Skirt, ASOS leather jacket (I also love this faux perforated version and this embossed version), Zara dress (worn as tank), Jimmy Choo Studded belt (wallet friendly version), Ray Ban Aviators, Gianfranco Ferre shoes, Dana Rebecca necklace, Celine Envelope clutch

You may remember me talking to you about the party skirt last week. I had a sudden urge to purchase something very different than my normal style and the party skirt took the cake. Normally I associate these skirts with super feminine, girly girls. While they are wearing pink, I prefer all black, and when they are sipping on cosmos, I like my gin and tonics. Absolutely nothing wrong with the other half, it just isn’t something I relate to. However, last week I wanted a change. Maybe I needed the change. I have not been secretive about feeling uninspired lately (mentioned here). When these moments hit, you can find inspiration in the most unlikely places, which I did. Thank goodness too, because the party skirt was the double shot I needed to pull me out of my “uninspired fashion” slump.

About the skirt ::I was pleasantly surprised when the Jaimie Party Skirt arrived. The material was gorgeous and the color was so rich. You couldn’t not fall in love! I felt really inspired when I stood in front of it in my closet. So much so that I styled it a few different ways. I am excited to share the looks with you over the next week! I hope you enjoy the break from black 🙂

Photography via Lynsey Eaton

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