Paris Souvanier: Maison Labiche

Before leaving I had my mind set on saving up for a Chanel as my “Paris Souvenir.” But while I was there I had a change of heart. Maybe because of the cost or maybe because I realized I could get the same bag in Dallas. What I really wanted was something special and strictly found in Paris. Okay, so you can actually order these t-shirts online but they were too cute and unique to pass up. My friend Sally sent me a message while I was abroad with a link to a Garance Dore story on Maison Labiche. Sally told me I had to check this brand out and bring something back. Since Sally has impeccable taste I knew I would love whatever she recommended. After watching the video on the Garance post I was in love. I loved how dainty the hand stitching was and I loved how personal each shirt felt.

With any Maison Labiche shirt you can customize the saying they stitch on. I went back-and-forth on what I wanted. For a bit I thought I wanted “ca va?” Then I thought I wanted something dirty in french and I finally concluded I wanted something that was personal but also french – Madame Hafner it was. I really liked the oxymoron of using “Madame” which sounds much older than a 27 year but was 100% socially accurate (since I am married). When ordering I decided to go with the women’s cut, which fits great but for my next order I will go with the men’s style so it is a looser fit. I have already worn the shirts a handful of times and love that they remind me so much of being in Paris. When I go back in October I hope to order more! It is like the obsession of tattoos but without the commitment! My kind of infatuation.


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