Paris Must Be Felt Not Just Seen


My fear with Paris is that my eyes and mind will one day forget the beauty. I know I won’t forget the experience but I never want to forget the beauty that is all around me. I find myself staring at sunsets, buildings, and moments longer than normal. I know I won’t remember every detail, for how can ones mind comprehend everything Paris encompasses, it is only the something the soul can feel. I have learned over the past few weeks that Paris isn’t something just to see but it must also be felt. The warm sun beaming on the Seine, the shuffle of the Parisians on their way to work, the buzz at your local cafe, the energy from years past. It is all something to really feel and experience. Paris is one of the only cities I have been to that gives you the feeling of being miles away from normalcy. It is if you took a Delorean back to days past. Almost like you are an extra on the set of a movie. The way the sun shines through the leaves and hits the water, the perfectly aged buildings, the books being sold on the side of the street, the man playing music, and the atmosphere. You must enjoy it all! Because our memories fade, our eyes age, but the way Paris makes you feel will last a lifetime!

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