Paris in the Fall

I’m back in my favorite city! A few weeks after coming home from my “Summer in Paris trip” I booked a return trip on a whim. I couldn’t stand that I didn’t have plans to go back and after talking to my extremely supportive husband who said, “just book it,” I did. I figured if I just booked the trip everything would fall into place as it should, and it did! I believe if you put it out there (whatever you are after), with pure intentions, it usually works out the way it is supposed to!

The weeks leading up to the trip were insanely busy. From traveling to photoshoots I don’t think I had a moment to breath, let alone think about the trip. On a side note – I am so grateful for the busyness and business I get to do and all the people I get to photograph (thank you to each and every one of you) that help make my “quick trips back to Paris” a reality.

Being that I had little time to prepare I went to Gap and J.Crew the day before leaving, purchased this sweater in grey and black (30% off with code EXTRA) and this blazer I have been lusting after. However, no one tells you that Paris in the fall is extremely cold! What I really needed to be buying was a thick winter coat, gloves, a turtleneck, and a hat! It is freezing! But the cold is quickly forgotten when you look around and see all the beauty that is Paris in the fall. The leaves falling to the ground, the stillness of the Seine, and the chic Parisians hustling to work in all of their warm weather clothes. I just love Paris. Warm or cold, I feel so at home here! Maybe I should  book another return flight before even leaving 🙂 haha just kidding! Kind of…

Paris in the Fall
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Paris in the Fall Paris in the Fall Paris in the Fall Paris in the Fall Paris in the Fall Paris in the Fall Paris in the Fall Paris in the Fall Paris in the Fall Paris in the Fall Paris in the Fall

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