Paris By Day + Travel Blues

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As I sit here ready to post the last few of my Paris pictures I am a bit sad. The trip is (has been) officially over for a few weeks but I have been putting off posing pictures as if to hang on to the last little bit of it. I had an absolute blast traveling with Molly and being over there.  I am already planning a return visit this summer (along with a few other pit stops). Isn’t it funny how when the entire world feels like it is against you or you are having a total shit moment in life, or everything is going perfectly well, traveling and getting away for a few days is always what you need. Well, traveling and chocolate! 🙂

I think I always get a bit nostalgic after a trip, especially to Paris. I find the city so inspiring that when I come home, I find it hard to keep that level of creative alive. I get really down and wohm wohmpy. So weird right?! All I can think of right now is how I am in a place where I really want to surround myself with cultured, inspiring, and interesting people and things. Those who bring more to the table. It is like a thirst for more! Sounds so weird but it is true – or maybe I just need to find a hobby 🙂 Whatever it is, I feel my “creativeness” is really needing some TLC lately, so I plan to quench it through – taking walks in local parks, listening to live music with friends at the arboretum, having a date night while browsing a museum, taking a painting class, focusing on my french studies, travel, ect. Whatever I can do  to further my creative side. I am sure this feeling will pass but I kind of hope it doesn’t. I like being pushed outside my comfort zone and wanting to see and feel more!

Okay, so this post totally sounds depressing but I swear it isn’t meant to! I am really excited to be home and back with the family! I just love travel so much that sometimes I get myself into those, “travel blues.” Anyways, to this post I say, “Au revoir ma belle Paris! à bientôt.”



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