Paris Cafe Scene – Cafe Kitsuné

I often get asked what was one of my favorite things about Paris. I have a vast list of favorite things but one of them is always the cafe scene. I love love love all of the Parisian cafes. They are sleek, original, and delicious. I created quite the nice cafe list (which I will be sharing shortly) but one of my favorites was Cafe Kitsuné (of the Kitsuné brand)!

Kitsuné is known for its funky and carefree clothing and their cafes are no different! With the most outlandish yet completely mesmerizing decor I’ve ever seen in a cafe, it was an experience not to miss! I also loved that at this particular location their clothing store was located just up those stairs (pictured) so I was able to leave with a little souvenir. Two birds, one stone! Not only is their decor something to see but their coffees are divine! After chatting with the barista it seems they only hire the most skilled of their craft which makes for a delicious way to enjoy your crazy surroundings!

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