Packing Rituals

While packing for my trip to London I started thinking, there are quite a few things I do the same way no matter where I am traveling. I call them – packing rituals. I thought some were funny and others might be benefitial so why not just share them! So here they are, a few of my packing rituals (or the ones I can think of):

– I write a list of things I need to do days before leaving – there are always last minute errands

– I always shower right before I leave the house so I can “feel” as clean as possible in the grungy airport

– I always lather up on lots of lotion and oils and give them time to sink in – flying dries my skin out like crazy!

– I make sure I have a contact case with solution so when we land I can pop my contacts in – my eyes get so dry when flying

– I lay out my “carry on” essentials completely separate and pack them last

– My carry-on always has headphones, glasses, books, chapstick, contacts, melatonin, a computer, camera, jewelry, and socks

– I pack my jewelry in small zip-lock bags so they don’t get tangled

– I try on outfits and take pictures with my phone so I can remember why I packed it

– I always pack items that can be worn with at least two or three different pieces in my bag – saves room!

– I always make a last minute CVS run. On the list – towelettes, gum, and magazines (so much cheaper than the airport)

– I pack most of my shoes in my carry-on

– I stuff all of my hats with socks and underwear – helps them save shape

– I never travel without my space saving bags – they keep clothes organized, wrinkle-free, and clearly, they save space

– I put on all natural bb cream to not scare away passengers and to protect my skin


Ya’ll as I got typing I realized I could keep going, and going, and going…There are so many! But I will spare you! I hope at least one of these helped – if not, take it for what it is! See you in London! xo

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2 thoughts on “Packing Rituals

  1. Delete the tip about the photos of the outfits – if you can’t remember when you are going to wear it, don’t pack it. A good rule of thumb is to take half as many clothes and twice as much money. See you soon!

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