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Back from one trip just to leave for another! I am off to Geneva to see my in-laws and to take in a few more stops along the way. I am actually really excited about this EU trip because my parents are coming along. It is their first time traveling to my in-laws in Geneva! I have been fortunate enough to travel over there quiet a bit so I can’t wait to show them the place I love, second to my own home. Geneva is so beautiful and peaceful – you can really get away from it all. One of my favorite things to do is to go on Lake Geneva. Some of my best memories are sipping Rose while being surrounded by the Alps. Really is a life moment. The water is always very refreshing and a nice break from the summer sun. Another favorite  – fondue! My oh my is fondue incredible in Geneva! This is a must try if you ever make it over there! I will definitely be bringing you more travel tips and places to visit shall you ever find your self in GVA. I hope you join along via the blog or Instagram (masfashion)!

side note :: I have loved receiving your e-mails on travel questions and places to try in different cities. Thank you for reaching out! Please keep sending them! I not only love seeing where you all are traveling but also love getting to help you if I can. You can always find me at summersstylings@gmail.com or one of my social media channels! I hope to hear from you soon 🙂 (Facebook  ::  Twitter  :: Instagram)

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