We all know I loved my old initials.  I loved that MAS meant something different in every language and frankly, I loved the way the letters looked together. Having to say goodbye to my last name has been really hard. Far harder than I originally expected. I keep finding excuses as to why I can’t change it yet – I have flights in my maiden name, I don’t have time, ect. but to be honest, I am just struggling with it! I was always super attached to my name so when it came to giving it up, something that was a part of me for so long, it has been hard. I keep telling myself, “okay, tomorrow is the day I will start the process,” but then I never do. I realize it is something I need to do and want to do for my husband so I have decided when I get back from London, the process will start. Knowing how much I love MAS my bestie Molly told me about the new line of Sincerely Jules t-shirts and said I had to see the “MÁS” version. Sold! Not even a minute after seeing it I had already checked out.

I feel so badly having these feelings about changing my name but I am honored to take the name of my husbands family. It is just a bit hard to let go of something you identified with your entire life. Time to move on! At least I got a souvenir t-shirt out of it! Ha jk! Cheers!

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outfit || MÁS Sincerely Jules t-shirtFlare jeans, Leather jacket – 30% off (Vince in blue and 60% off), Floppy Wide-Brim hat (designer version), Ray Ban Classic aviators in black

jewelry || Jane Pope Thin Twig ring c/o,Daniel Wellington Classic St. Andrews c/o, Dana Rebecca Lauren Joy necklace

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4 thoughts on “MÁS NOIR

  1. I love your initials too! I felt the same with changing my name after marriage. We waited 2 years to change it and now 4 years later I am still on the fence whether or not I am glad I did it. I miss my name and what it meant to me, but I do love having the same last name as my son. Good luck with the decision
    The Doctor Diva

  2. First I love everything about this outfit ,secondly I would be the same way I love my name, it would be and will be a struggle. I hope you find power in the future knowing that Mary is a combo of all influencers in her life and will not change but be even more fabulous with the addition of her new influencer ..love..what gets better than that 😉

  3. Loving this outfit and the photos.
    And I know what you mean, you’ve had your last name for a long time (and it’s a fun one) so it’s understandable in you wanting to keep it around a little longer. I imagine I will be the same way when I get married. No matter how much I want my husbands last name, there will always be a special place in my heart for my maiden name.

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