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Maison Du Soir Magnolia Floral top // Maison Du Soir Magnolia Jaclyn bottoms

As I get older my priorities change – I would rather stay in on Saturday with a great movie and a bottle of wine than attend a raging party that I won’t remember the next day, I have learned quality over quantity always wins, and I have come to appreciate really nice pajamas. I must admit, up until about a year ago, I was still sleeping in sorority shirts and shorts. I was always semi-jealous of my friends or roommates who would come out in these really cool or beautiful pajamas. I would look at them and think how lovely they looked but my main concern was comfort. I didn’t think you could have both comfort and beauty. It wasn’t from a lack of trying, I purchased many different sets of beautiful pajamas, always to be disappointed when I would sleep in them and wake up at all hours of the night because I was so miserable at their stiffness or ability to get extremely tangled. Though they looked wonderful they were always so impractical to actually sleep in, and if there are two things I need in this world it is food and a good nights sleep! Out the door they went.

I first saw Maison Du Soir on my best friends Molly + Sally  at last years NY Fashion Week. I always thought they were not only absolutely the coolest things I had seen but I remember thinking how comfortable they looked. M + S slept in them the entire weekend without any complaints. I was impressed! After a few months I still couldn’t get those beauties off of my mind. With all of my travels coming up and knowing I was going to be seeing lots of friends, family friends, and in-laws, I knew I needed to step my p.j. game up. I mean 26 is probably too old to be walking around in sorority shirts and old cheerleading shorts. It was time to invest in a pair of grown-up pajamas. After all, quality over quantity.

Since I was going to be traveling to so many different places Courtney, the incredibly beautiful/ kind/cool/ingenious founder (who is also a former ballet dancer, like could this girl be any cooler?), and I came up with an idea – why don’t we showcase a new set for each city I travel. Done and done – I honestly couldn’t wait to share her exquisite pieces with you!  So my friends, I am excited for you to meet my RIO set! Aren’t they stunning? The Magnolia pattern was instantly one of my favorites. Okay, so they are all actually my favorites but something about this floral was so eye-catching. I usually go for solids so was surprised at how badly I wanted this pattern! When they arrived in the mail I knew I made the right call. I can’t begin to describe how stunning they are in person. The colors pop so perfectly together and the 100% silk is absolutely gorgeous and really light-weight (which I loved because I hate being hot when I sleep). I wore these every night in Brazil and they were as beautiful the first night as the last. They really wear exceptionally. And if you are wondering if they passed my comfort test, I am very pleased to say YES! Oh my gosh are they pleasant. They breathe so easy and move effortlessly. I definitely think they are going to revitalize the way we think of the sleepwear industry! Job extremely well done Courtney!


Stay tuned for Geneva, Paris, Normandy, and London! I can’t wait to share more of her beautiful designs! In the mean time check out her website, Maison Du Soir

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10 thoughts on “Maison Du Soir :: Rio

    1. HI!
      I would say pretty true to size. I ordered a large in the top (because I have big boobs) and a medium in the bottoms and they fit perfectly! I would say both align with my usual sizing.

      I hope that helps! Keep me posted on which one you get, if you do! I just love them! xo

  1. AGREED! Just received my first pair and I am certain it will be the first of many to come!!! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I am so guilty of wearing the old shorts and old t-shirt look but always wish that I found the right pieces to bring my pjs up a notch.
    I just headed over to Maison Du Soir’s website and oh my gosh there are too many great options! Love the shorst and tee..but Im also drawn to the dress.
    Can’t wait to see what designs you wear next.

    xo Nan
    Simply Elegant Blog

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