Luxembourg Gardens

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One of the first things Molly and I did when we arrived to Paris was head to Luxembourg Gardens. We had quite the time getting to our train for Paris. After waking up a little foggy after a very random and unforgettable night we headed to the tube station. My biggest fault when I travel, and one that drives the hubs absolutely bonkers, is that I am not a great planner. I am an, “it all works out in the end, fly by the seat of your pants,” kind of traveler. For my OCD, “print out the itenerary, the train numbers, and the tube stops,” husband, it is a hard concept to grasp! After we got to the tube station and I took us on three different tube lines just to get to our stop (come to find out all we needed was the Picadilly directly to the train staion), we made it to the station. Molly is absolutely one of my favorite people to travel with becuase she never gets too mad and if she is annoyed doesn’t show it. I felt terrible we had to carry our bags all over London but I was happy we finally were at our seat and ready for a looooooong nap. Little did I know our “loooooong nap,” would be cut short by two of the loudest and most annoying kids on the planet. Their parents thought it was cute when they screamed and cooed them when they fought over their toys. I know I am not a mother, so I always hate judging parents or kids who scream, but when you are “foggy” and tired the last thing you have is patience for kids who make it a competition of who can scream the loudest. Molly, my brave friend, continued to tap the kids on the shoulder to say, “shhhhh.” To no avail, these kids were relentless.

When the train finally pulled into the station we jetted off, found a cab, and were off to our Paris home! It was the first time I ever used Airbnb and I must say, I was pleasantly surprised. It was really easy to navigate and it has so many options to choose from! I would highly recommend using it for your next travel plans. We finally arrived to the most amazing and beautiful apartment I have ever seen! With high beams and all white decor it really was a dream. Windows covered two of the walls and it was only too perfect when the drapes would blow in the breeze! Seriously, dream-like. I will post pictures of our cute little home but in the mean time you can check out this one. Isn’t it dreamy? Valerie was a dear to work with and I highly recommend considering this apartment for your next trip to Paris. It was walking distance to just about everything!

Since we were tired but didn’t want to waste the day we decided to go to Luxembourg Gardens. It was close enough and we could hit it up before sunset. After a quick and delicious meal at Cave La Bourgogne we decided to take of for the gardens.  Of course my, “no directions, or printout” kind of travel caught up with me when I took us in the exact OPPOSITE direction of Luxembourg. After consulting many maps Molly decided to take over the direction part of things going forward. This was more than okay with me because a little known fact about me, I CAN’T READ MAPS! It is embarrassing and not something I am proud of, but it is a fact! I just don’t understand them. I think I missed that lesson in school.

When we arrived to the gardens they were just as I remembered. Beautiful, green, and bustling with people holding hands, laughing, and taking in the view. It was the perfect, sunny day and everyone was out looking to soak up the beautiful weather. Molly and I immediately took out our cameras to capture some of the surroundings. I am not sure I could ever do the gardens justice but I have shared a handful of the fun snaps I captured. After an hour or so in the gardens we decided to hit up a cafe across the street for some coffee (deux cafes s’il vous plait). Perfect! 

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3 thoughts on “Luxembourg Gardens

  1. looks like a fabulous time.Paris is one of my favorite places in the world. It’ll be a while till we can do a solo trip but I am actually looking forward to taking little Z to visit!

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