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Embarrassing fact: I worked out in t-shirts from my sorority up until a few weeks ago. With the array of different retailers basically hocking activewear down our throats it is surprising I escaped unscathed. However, maybe this was one battle I should have lost. I never thought you needed to look “cute” to workout. Don’t you just get sweaty? I know my argument is dumb but I truly didn’t believe in the idea of investing in workout wear (minus a great sports bra) until recently. What turned me? A few things. I realized that workout wear is now one of our closet staples. Like denim it has become a part of our lifestyle. We wear them when we run errands, hanging out with friends, and even out to eat. I invest in cute clothes to go out so why wouldn’t I invest in something decent for my everyday attire too? Another thing that started to change my mind a few months ago is how cute my friend Krystal always looks in her gear. Even if she doesn’t wear it to the gym, she always looks effortlessly cool and put together. Knowing that the tides were changing I began to look into active gear as a wardrobe staple. I looked at all of your traditional places and was either turned off by the price or the style. So the search continued.

The other week I headed to the new Lou & Grey store at Northpark. I had heard nothing but the best about this brand so I was really excited to check it out. I had been stalking them on Instagram and online for weeks so I already had an idea of what I wanted when I was there (those looks coming soon). However, what I didn’t expect is to see active wear that had me completely in awe. There was a small selection but every piece was perfect. From the mesh sports bra (which I have worn daily and is so cool), to the scoop t-shirt (which is made from the softest material), to the rain jacket I thought would be perfect for Paris. Everything was so incredibly spot on that I couldn’t resist buying one of each.

Usually I would NEVER go sleeveless. I just don’t dig it. Right now anyways. But the cut of this top mixed with the sports bra was so flattering and too good not to rock the sleeveless look. The leggings are light-weight but thick so you can wear them and not worry about any see through moments. I also think they look like regular pants so have been wearing mine with tops and flats and have received numerous compliments. I really can’t explain how much I have worn this outfit since I bought it. I think I finally found that “Krystal” active wear look! Thank God! The outfit is so cool in person even my husband said I looked hip/great! Win win!

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outfit details // Lou&Grey Active Sporty Bra, Lou&Grey Anorak Jacket, Lou&Grey Runaround Tank, Lou&Grey Leggings

accessory details // August California ‘Le Marais’ bag, Wildfox Classic Deluxe Sunglass in CrystalCroghan’s Jewel Box Crest RingDana Rebecca Lauren Joy necklaceEllie Jay 5 Row diamond


this post was sponsored by Lou&Grey. All opinions are my own


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2 thoughts on “Lou & Grey Active

  1. Very fun look. I too like that I just came from somewhere sporty but I still look impeccable look. Too bad we don’t have Lou & Grey stores here in Canada yet.

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