Little White Dress

Outfit Details // See by Chloe Dress (currently 25% off), Zara Silver Platform Shoes, Le Specs Mirrored Sunglasses (also found this identical pair for $9)

I have a really obsessive personality. Ever since I could remember I get hooked on one thing and can’t get enough. Luckily most of my obsessions are either food or material based! I still remember in high school I became so obsessed with this Italian sandwich from this bakery. I mean, obsessed. I literally ate it every day, sometimes twice a day, for months on end. Finally one day, I had had enough and my obsession moved on.

When I first found out I was having a girl, I became obsessed with the color pink. Every pink thing I saw, I needed! I think I bought more pink dresses in two months than I had in my entire life. Well, like my sandwich my pink obsession faded and on came the white dress obsession. I am currently in this moment. I literally can’t stop buying white dresses. In the past month I have purchased five! FIVE! Where and when I will wear all of these dresses I have no clue but I just can’t help myself.

My favorite white dress acquisition – this See by Chloe dress. It is non-maternity but works amazingly for a belly. It is so breezy and comfortable that I find myself reaching for it time and time again. I wore it to a shower, a dinner, and to a birthday party. I love buying non-maternity items that I actually like and want to wear, so I can continue to wear them once Eleanor arrives! Only two more months!!

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