Journey to Growth

I love getting deep with those I am meeting or those I already know. I find surface conversation and small talk to be an absolute bore. I know both are bound to happen in life and are unavoidable but really, if I can, I try to.  I really love to meet, learn about or from, and connect with interesting people who have more to say than, “Oh my gosh. Where did you get that bag?” Okay, I am totally guilty of asking that question but I do truly love to get to know people on another level. Ever since I was little I have studied – study the way people move, interact, dress, and who they are. I am notorious for asking a million questions (I get it from my dad) and trying to really figure out how everything works. What I love most about people – everyone has their own story. You just have to ask the right questions to find it out.

Lately I have been on a journey to connect and to really dig deeper. I am a FIRM believer in that everything happens for a reason. Certain instances in life (good or bad), people you meet, relationships you have, books you read – it all leads you to the path and growth you are supposed to take. Being that I ask a million questions there have always been two which have been off limits – Religion and Politics. Since I am very passionate about both it is a struggle for me to avoid these. Since I feel a tug toward digging into the spiritual side more, I’ve turned to religion to discuss. Yup, I have done the totally “un-PC” thing to do and started to ask those I admire their religious and or spiritual beliefs. Basically, what grounds them? Not that I want to judge or be judged in return, or that I want to try to sway them, but because I am genuinely interested. I have a real thirst to learn more and understand those around me. I think part of being on a “spiritual quest” means asking those you respect lots of questions and being open to what they say. I really believe everyone has a very unique and individual perspective on things and if you are open to listening to them, you may discover something you never knew.

I must admit – over the years I have been amazed at where my life events have taken me. I have been challenged, down, up, and opened. I have discovered new things and questioned old, but I have always known it is part of my “life’s journey.” It really is a beautiful circle. Maybe that is why I connect so much with travel – it just reinstates how many magical things there are yet to see or connect with in the world! One book in particular which I have fallen in love with is Soul Secrets by Miki Jacobs.  Trust me – I know this book probably isn’t for everyone but it was one of the first times I have read a book where I go, “Wow, this book is exactly what I need, at this exact time (all part of the plan).”

Since this post is probably the most raw I have written I have to admit – I am not quite sure why I felt the need to write it. But I did. All I am hoping is that at least one person out there connects to it and feels inspired to keep pursing their journey!

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4 thoughts on “Journey to Growth

  1. I’m the worst at small talk. The worst. I always jump in too heavy from the get go and well…it doesn’t always go over very well with those that like to stay more at the surface. I agree with Rose. I feel odd for our generation as well. I love coming across books like this. It might be what I need right now in my current “down turn” where nothing seems to be going right. One of the women in my life who I consider a “spiritual guide”, who popped into my life right when I needed her, passed along this book to me – The Seeker’s Guide -> She’s met the author a few times and swears by everything in it.

  2. I’m glad you wrote this. I always love reading your posts bc I feel like they come from the heart. You inspire me to be more truthful and honest with MYSELF and not be afraid to put myself out there. Thanks Mary! Love ya! xx

  3. I love this post, Mary, and feel very similarly to you in the way I approach conversations! I’m an odd person for our generation and the society we live in and I get that, and it drives a lot of my thoughts and writings and conversations I have. I hope you open up in more posts in the future!

  4. I feel like we’re a lot alike! I love learning about other cultures and religions and why people do the things they do. Over the years I have met a few friends from different cultural and religious backgrounds and have used their experiences to help me learn more. I think once they realize that its a genuine interest and passion of yours to learn (and not that you’re looking to convert!) they are pretty happy to share with you their experiences and traditions.

    xx C

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