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When exiting your young adulthood there are a few sure fire signs you are indeed growing up. Maybe you realize a night in with a movie is more exciting than going out to a bar. Or you realize “sleeping in” now means 8a.m. because your internal clock won’t let you go past that work day alarm of 6:30 a.m. Or instead of browsing magazines or the web for the latest fashion or celebrity gossip, you would rather spend your time gathering inspiration for your home or apartment. I remember when I was about to graduate high school and my older sister couldn’t wait to go furniture shopping, as she had spent weeks collecting inspiration for her new home. I remember at the time thinking it was just about the worst thing I could think of doing. She just smiled and said, “one day, you will love it.” And she was right.

I can say I am officially “growing up” because browsing for home decor inspiration excites me more than the “latest it shoe.” I have a few destinations I check regularly for inspiration and a few designers I check-in with to see if they  have new inventory. Annie Selke is one of them. She does clean, chic, and timeless with the best of them. You may remember this dog bed I posted from her a few months ago. The dogs are still enjoying it and so am I, as it looks chicer than other dog bed option out there.

While you can always continue to stay updated on her products via her website, there is something about flipping through a catalogue that I still enjoy. It is like reading a book versus a Kindle. I just can’t give up that feeling of “turning a page.” This past weekend I received Annie’s latest catalogue and it has me spinning with new ideas. Not only is the bedding at the top of my list but so is this gorgeous lamp.  However, one thing I could not wait on was this Annie Selke’s Dash & Albert Masinissa Hand Knotted rug (pictured). It is so soft and offers a nice touch of pattern to our minimalist living room.

I hope you enjoy browsing Annie Selke’s website and gathering inspiration for your home! But if you are like me and want to “flip the page” you can sign up here to receive a catalogue of your own!

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3 thoughts on “Inspiration with Annie Selke

  1. Great taste never goes out of style!!! Love your home. So chic and peaceful!! XO Debby

  2. your new rug looks amazing, and i adore your cowhide ottomans! the baby looks likes she is a mama’s girl already!!! everything is beautiful!!! xoxo

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