Jashita-Hotel-Tulum-MexicoJashita-hotel-tulumJashita-Hotel-Tulum-MexicoJashita-hotel-tulumTravel-Overview Jashita-hotelTravel-Overview

M.A.S. is in the process of getting quite the make-over. One thing I am most excited about – the new travel section. I was going to wait until the site was finished to start posting the goods, but I couldn’t stand it any longer. There are some big changes coming, but don’t worry the content will remain similar (except for a much larger focus on travel).

Ever since my parents sent my sister and I abroad together in the early 2000’s, travel has always been one of my passions. From later studying abroad, to marrying a swiss (which lets me get to Europe at least twice a year), travel is always one of my top priorities. I think it comes from growing up in a small town and always wanting to see “more.” My parents instilled in me what a big world there is and how many different people, cultures, and backgrounds there are to learn about. I thank them, along with my in-laws and husband for opening my eyes to new experiences and cultures and always allowing me to expand my horizons and follow my passion for travel!  I hope you enjoy this new series and travel along with me!

As always, if you ever have any questions or inquires about a place I profile please don’t hesitate to comment below or e-mail me at summersstylings@gmail.com. You can also follow my travels on Instagram (@masfashion) and search #MASfashiontravels.

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