Hotel Profile: Chateau D’Audrieu

I was lucky enough to stay at Chateau D’Audrieu over the summer while visiting Normandy (guide coming soon) with  my parents and my in-laws. The Chateau was absolutely magical – nothing like any place I had stayed before. I loved the oldness and charm of the entire place. It is extremely quiet and the perfect escape after a long day of visiting the WWII monuments. My favorite part was sleeping with my window open and waking up to the sunset and a light rain. It really was absolutely a dream! And if that wasn’t enough, the food is absolutely divine! If I could recommend two things they would be to take a drink or your coffee in the upstairs sitting room and to rent a bike to ride around the property! Both are breathtaking!

If you are visiting the Normandy area I suggest looking into Chateau D’Audrieu. It made the entire experience that much more enjoyable!


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