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I love entertaining! I love getting everyone together and planning out an evening of fun. The one tip I have learned about being a good hostess – always put your guest first. At any event the husband and I host it is important to us that we always think of the small details and make the guest feel special. So when we found out we were hosting my entire family for Easter, I knew it was the perfect time to update our guest towels. It wasn’t that they were old (I had actually bought the previous ones a year before) but that they didn’t feel special enough. For the longest time I have been wanting to monogram towels, robes, and slippers for our guest but have never pulled the trigger. This was the perfect kick in the butt I needed!

I decided to only monogram the towels Brice and I would use and do something a little different for our guest. Since I don’t want to splash our monogram all over our home, I decided to simply go with “guest” written on these turkish towels. Simple, personal, and universal. I love how they turned out and they were a big hit at Easter! I also purchased these “make-up only” towels for the girls. One of my biggest struggles when I am a guest somewhere where they only give you white towels is that I am so paranoid about getting anything on them I never fully use them.  That is why these are amazing and are the perfect touch to making your guest feel comfortable. Added bonus, they come in a pack of eight for under $30!

Personalized Turkish Towels  // Black Cosmetic Towels

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4 thoughts on “Home Touches – Personalized Guest Towels

  1. love this idea of monogramming the guest towels with “guests”! i am ordering the black cosmetic towels for sure!!! i feel the same way when i stay at someone’s house! thank you for sharing!!1

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