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It’s official! I am absolutely going mental! Because of the weather conditions in Dallas the past few weeks I haven’t had the chance to leave my home as much as I would like. Instead, I have filled my days on the computer, watching TV, cleaning, looking after my dog, cooking, and other odd jobs. However, I need sun and I need out of this house! I totally understand how Big Eadie and Little Eadie went crazy – no one can stay inside one home for over a week without starting to lose their marbles. Since I have had time to waste I have spent a lot of hours on the computer getting inspired by home decor (you may remember my post on Barbara Bestor). Not that I am in the market to change my living quarters but when you work from home and are forced inside for a good amount of time you begin to need a change. Since I love moving things around I decided to change out a few pieces from different rooms in the house. I think it looks great (photos to come) but the hubs was a bit surprised to come home from a week long work trip to see a dresser in the living room and our master bedroom benches as a coffee table. However, one must think outside the box (or is that just my completely stir crazy brain talking?). One thing I discovered I love that this house is lacking? A beautiful bookcase! The more I pinned the more I realized how much I loved the look of a bookcase which then reminded me of these photos I took at the Goss Michael Foundation with Krystal. Isn’t this bookcase dreamy? Although I don’t have near enough books to completely fill it, I love their use of magazines! Totally inspired! Now I just need some Vitamin D and fresh air!

goss-michael-foundation-3 goss-michael-foundation-6 goss-michael-foundation-7 goss-michael-foundation-8 goss-michael-foundation-11


photos shot by Krystal Schlegel

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