Heading Home

 Priorities shirt, Burberry skirt, Prada shoes (shop the page), Michael Kors watch

Fact- I am from Montgomery which is a smaaaalllll town in Texas. Growing up I never really felt like I fit in. It is an amazing place with lots of golf courses, a lake, and pretty country fields but I couldn’t wait to leave. Like any high schooler I wanted to get out as quickly as I could so I could meet new people who had common interest, travel, and see the world. I never liked being in a small town and hated the practices but after seeing other cultures I realized mine wasn’t so bad and now I actually get excited to go back.
These photos are from my old blog but I thought now was a perfect time to bring them back out. I am headed home after work today and am b-e-y-o-n-d excited to see my family. With all of the recent traveling and work I have really missed them.

Photos by Amanda

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11 thoughts on “Heading Home

  1. I love these photos!!! And its funny what leaving home does to you. I haven’t really left home but I am out of the house, only 15 minutes away, but it’s a start. I feel like I may end up in NYC because that is where a lot of fashion is these days but even then its not far from me (hour train ride) but the culture there is SO different and fast paced!

  2. I love the styling of the blue gingham shirt here. And I totally feel you on the small town thing. I’m from a tiny place in CT and was so ready to get out come high school. It’s nice to visit now though! Have a great weekend.


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