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Gstaad is one of the most beautiful (and chic) places I have been. Walking the streets that Princess Diana, Elizabeth Taylor, and thousands of other celebrities, royals, and diplomats have walked is always amazing to me. One of the first trips I ever took with the hubby was a road trip around Switzerland. One of our first stops? Gstaad. Being a small town girl I had no idea the clout this quaint town had. Walking the streets you feel you are a million miles from life – which I am sure is the reason it is a favorite amongst the elite. This past summer the hubby, myself, and my parents decided to take a day trip back to Gstaad and enjoy a nice summer lunch in the mountains. The air was crisp and the mountains were completely still – the perfect setting! We stopped off at Rialto and enjoyed one hell of a meal! Being gluten-free I am always a bit nervous to eat at restaurants as you  never know if you will be eating a side salad because nothing on the menu is G-free or if you are promised something is g-free only to receive it and it is covered in bread crumbs. Long story short, Rialto was none of the above! It was absolutely divine! While we all enjoyed our meals – the men enjoyed pizza and I enjoyed my greek salad – my mom won the ordering lottery with the pork! It was by far the best pork I have ever had! We all topped off the delicious meal with a few desserts that melted in our mouthes! If you ever find yourself in the mountains of Gstaad be sure to stop in Rialto’s!

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