Going Home

I am about to get real sappy on you. Just a warning, nostalgia is next… On the three hour drive to my home in Montgomery (texas) yesterday it got me thinking. Here are my mumbled/jumbled thoughts…Going home is always a great pleasure to me. I am so lucky that my family is extremely close and my parents always made our house a welcoming and enjoyable place. My childhood home was always comforting, happy, loving, real, and peaceful. Growing up I never fully appreciated where I was from or the lifestyle in which I was raised. My parents and childhood are what I call a modern day “Leave it to Beaver” –  my parents have been in a loving marriage for over 34 years, they always showed us what unconditional love looks like, there was breakfast every morning and dinner every night, they never missed a sports event and they were and are the most dependable people I have ever met. The older I get the more I am amazed at how fortunate I was to grow up in a family like I did. But at 15 it was the last thing on my mind. Who really takes the time to appreciate details when you are so excited about your new boyfriend or if you are going to get the car that you want.

One of my flaws – I tend to rush through life. I am constantly trying to think ahead instead of enjoying the ride. It is something I work really hard on now because I know what I have missed from the past. One being – taking the time to appreciate my beginnings. Don’t get me wrong, I still remember all my parents did for me, but I now realize I didn’t fully appreciate it at the time. I was so busy rushing through my youth, “because being an adult would be s0o0o0o0 much better,” or  because, “I hate this small town and can’t wait to leave,” that I never truly took the time to appreciate all that was around me. The people, my home, and my family. It all came together when I was listening to one of my favorite songs on the drive and they started to sing about home. The question of, “what home was to me?” popped in my head. The thought of home is always a warm and fuzzy one – and then I realized I had never taken the time to fully appreciate it. As a teen I was so consumed with my own world that I didn’t take the time to appreciate what was around me and as an young adult I couldn’t help but think of where my next trip would be or reaching my dream job that appreciating my roots was an unknown thought. As I pulled up my driveway and hopped out to see my parents, I couldn’t help but give  a little tighter hug, and smile. It has been eight years since I drove away from this amazing place to live in Dallas, and I am just now taking a moment to enjoy it. I get so caught up in my travels that I forget to appreciate where it all began. I am about to spend a week here helping my parents babysit my adorable, perfect, beautiful, smiley niece and I am going to soak in every minute of it, because coming home is just about the best place I can be.

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5 thoughts on “Going Home

  1. I completely agree…I think it’s only natural that we really start to appreciate people and places in our lives as we get older. Especially once you get married and think about having children, you realize everything that your parents/family sacrificed or did for you along the way and really appreciate them so much more! You look gorgeous BTW. XO

  2. 1. Love the outfit
    2. I know what you mean, except I’m the opposite. I’m a little too obsessed with home and the comforts it provides, haha. I’ve always been a homebody and it may have stunted me somewhat. But at least I’ve moved out of my parents house, except I still go over at least 3 times a week for dinner, ha ha.

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