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Conversation when married:

“What do you want for dinner?”

“I don’t know, you?”

“Where should we go?”

“I don’t know, I picked last time.”

Yup, the hubs and I have this conversation about every other night. Choosing where to eat or what you are in the mood for can be so difficult. Since it takes using the brain, and by the end of the day who wants to do that, we frequent the same three places: Mesero Miguel, HG supply, and Fireside Pies. The staff at these places know us by name and can finish our order before we do. We go there that often! Even though we are total creatures of habit, I do love to try new places. Did you know – Dallas has more restaurants per capita than NYC? Pretty cool right? Well, sometimes. There are so many options that it is easier to just stick with what you know. However, I now have a new place to add to my list of three – Front Room Tavern.

Front Room Tavern is located in the Lumen hotel and not only has a cool retro vibe but also incredible food. Fresh from a new revamp the hotel and restaurant are insanely amazing. I had been wanting to try the new menu for a while so when my friend and fellow Dallas blogger, Tanya asked me to join her for a lunch, I couldn’t say yes fast enough. We started with two appetizers – salmon ceviche and barrata. Seriously, these were both prepared and presented to perfection. The barrata was so creamy and delicious it was like eating it in Italy. Unreal! For our main course we ordered the chicken paillard and the croque madame.  I wasn’t sure they could get better than the apps, but they did! Each bite was better than the next – with all of the different flavors and freshness of the ingredients in each bite. I can’t say enough good things about the paillard. It was just so devine! And what would a girls lunch be without dessert? By far my favorite thing on the menu! If you love carmel you will die and go to heaven with each bite of the salted carmel pot de creme! I even brought this home for the hubs to taste. He couldn’t believe how good it was! You seriously have to try it for yourself because there is no way I can properly describe the yumminess of it! To settle the tummy’s we ended with a mug of french-pressed locally made Drip coffee!

All in all it was just about the most perfect meal a girl could ask for! Amazing company, yummy food, and a beautiful setting! Thanks for the girl time, Tanya!

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