All White & The Art of Balance

If it seems I have been MIA on the blog lately, it is because I have! I have this constant struggle between working on the blog and my photography. The blog is my baby and something I love but I always wanted the blog to take me in a direction where it could grow into something else. Let me just say, and maybe I will be wrong in this, but I never wanted to be the person blogging forever. I always wanted an out. So when photography picked up I went with it. And the past few weeks it has PICKED.UP. Because I am leaving for the summer everyone is trying to stock up on photos, which I love. Not because of the money but because I truly love to learn and enhance this skill. And the only way you really improve is practice. And it helps that I absolutely love every single person I shoot. Being that this was a dream of mine, I have said yes to every job that has come my way which leaves very little time for blogging or anything else.

While this is something I could have only dreamed of it hasn’t left any time for other avenues of my life. For one, thinking of my Paris trip. I know if you follow me on Instagram it would appear I have been thinking of the trip for weeks. Wrong. My sweet husband, who is supporting me on this trip in every sense of the word, is getting a bit concerned. Not only have I not looked at my french in weeks (which I have to take a language test on my first day), I have also not thought of plans, packing, logistics, and getting affairs settled in Dallas before I leave. For example, I needed to take my laptop, which I haven’t used in years, to the Apple store to get cleaned and add memory. Have I done that? Nope! Am I running out of time? Absolutely! Sometimes there really just aren’t enough hours in the day!

I am a firm believer in the idea that EVERYTHING happens for a reason. Hell this Paris trip is living proof, however I do know that things don’t always fall into place and that I need to take the time to organize and plan. There is are a lot of emotions (and money) going into this trip so it is time I buckle down and make it my priority. The past few weeks I have learned that I need to say no when I have other areas of my life that need attention. But isn’t saying no one of the hardest things to do, especially when you are saying no to something you love? I am a Libra and we are always working on the art of balance. Something I have clearly not figured out yet! But I am taking pages from my husbands book and taking this week to really figure out this trip, sort my affairs, and practice some french. I do have a handful of photography jobs but nothing that I feel I can’t handle. I hope to update the blog as much as possible this week and this summer but if I can’t I hope you bare with me (and know that I will eventually return)!

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outfit details // OTTE NY ‘Sophie’ Silk blouse, J.Crew Cotton Faille Pull-On shorts (now 30% off with code GOSHOPPING), Madewell Sandals (sold out but similar style here & 30% off with code SUMMER), Ray Ban Wayfarer sunnies


image shot by Meredith Braden

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