Don’t Leave Without Trying: Dallas, TX Edition


Location: Dallas, Texas

NameMesero Miguel

Price Point: $$

Dish: Nachos Conocidos

Why:Growing up in Texas you are born to have an appreciation for Tex Mex (which is a form of Mexican food). I decided to go to SMU for college which happened to be down the street from a local tex mex spot that everyone loved. I must say, I was less than impressed. The food lacked major flavor and originality. Almost 10 years later people are still going to this other spot time and time again. For the life of me I can’t figure it out. Great tex mex is something us Texans hold near and dear to our hearts so there really is no compromising on mediocre food. When Mesero Miguel moved in right down the street from my house I was excited and a little skeptical. I was hoping it wouldn’t be like the “other local favorite” and lack any real creativity or flavor. After my first trip there I was smitten. I fell in love with the Nachos Conocidos which are four individual chips topped with brisket, beans, cheese, creama sauce, and an avocado. They are absolutely divine and each  bite gets better and better. I am sad to say that the waitstaff now knows my husband and me by name as we go there all the time but these nachos are addicting. I have since introduced them to other friends, family, and visitors, whom all agree these nachos are a MUST if you are visiting Dallas. Each bite is packed full of flavor and since there are four you can share or have them as a meal (which I do). These really are a – Don’t Leave Without Trying – dish!

image via Dallas Observer

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2 thoughts on “Don’t Leave Without Trying: Dallas, TX Edition

  1. Seriously one of my fave spots. I make my mom take me there every time I come home for a visit (so I’ll admire this Nacho picture until May)! 🙂

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