Discovering The City You Live In

I must admit – Dallas is exciting me lately. With new restaurants popping up left and right, a renovation of our parks, and finding out about new exhibits it almost feels like there is, “too much to do with not enough time.” I know this is isn’t the truth as there is plenty of time but I can’t help but get giddy at the future of Dallas. These snaps were from my time at the Goss Michael Foundation a few weeks ago with my friend Krystal, but since then I have learned of another really exciting new gallery, Lab Art. I will bring you more on that space later but really, I am just so happy there are new and different things to do around Dallas.

I spent all of last Friday planning a trip to Europe I will be taking with the hubs and my best friend. I am beyond excited about the trip but to be honest, I have never planned a trip on my own. Yup, I said it! I have always relied on other people to plan the trip. If you read this site you know I am not a planner and I am 100% laissez-faire when it comes to travel. However, after taking my bestie Molly abroad on my own last year, I realized I needed to change if I was going to bring anyone else back. Not that we didn’t have the best time ever but it helps things to run smoother to have certain items planned out ahead of time. That being said, I have learned planning is not for the weak of heart. Maybe that is why I have never done it? One thing that planning this trip has showed me is to find the best places in a town you have to research, more research, and then plan. Since I am known to get “frustrated” with Dallas, I decided to have this same mentality for the city I live in. I sat there and googled “things to do in Dallas” and spent the next hour researching as if it were a city I had never visited before. It was shocking! I realized that on the list of, “100 things to do in Dallas,” I had only done about half. I have lived in this city for almost ten years and I have only experience 50% of the things the city has to offer? That was pretty pathetic but also very exciting as I have a lot to look forward to.

That being said, I have a new lease on life in Dallas and it is invigorating. Thanks to actually forcing myself to plan a trip I realized that I need to do the same for the place I live. If you are getting bored or uninspired with your city as I was, “plan a trip to your city.” I promise you will discover an oasis of things you have yet to complete. And maybe that is exactly what you need to get out of your rut!

Goss-Michael-151 Goss-Michael-156 Goss-Michael-162 Goss-Michael-165 Goss-Michael-167

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