Color Mix-Up

Much to my fiancés dismay I have been living in boyfriend jeans. He doesn’t necessarily only want me in tight items but definitely clothes that show a little shape. I do try and keep him in mind when I am dressing for dates or vacations we are going on but for my everyday outfit, please, I am dressing for girls. At least they actually know what a boyfriend jean is and not just something that hangs baggy on your buttocks. That being said, lets dissect the look. I know you are thinking, ummm brown and black mixed together? To that question, I say yes! For some reason I am a fan of this kind of combo. I think it is fun to play with relaxed meets dressy. 

Photography by Brice

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15 thoughts on “Color Mix-Up

  1. This is so funny, I wore some boyfriend jeans this weekend and my male cousin immediately commented on my ‘baggy jeans’. I don’t care they are so comfortable and just like so chic in a ‘I’m not even trying’ kind of way. Anyway WOW!! I really love this Mary, its so ridiculous how much our personal style sync up with one another. Way to balance the feminine pieces with the jeans too!! Great styling all the way around.

  2. My husband and I always bicker about me not wearing things that are tight enough for him haha! Must be a guy thing. I think he would have a tantrum if I tried boyfriend jeans. But yours look great on and you totally nailed the black and brown combo!


  3. I actually really like brown and black together…and navy and black together. I just am in heaven with this bf jeans revival!! I wear mine seriously every other day!!! My husband makes fun of 90% of what I wear but we just have to ignore them. Always! haha! xoxo

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