Maison du Soir Constellation

maison-du-soir-constellation maison-du-soir-constellation maison-du-soir-constellation maison-du-soir-constellation maison-du-soir-constellation

You didn’t think I could just show these Maison du Soir constellation pajamas once, did you? I honestly loved these so much I had to share them again. I won’t chat much about how amazing they are because you read that last week, but I had to make them fresh in your mind! I seriously believe every closet needs a pair of Maison du Soir. So girls, ask for your birthday, Christmas, stocking stuff, Valentines Day, a “just because,” shower gift, any reason you can think of! I promise you will be happy you did!


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Maison du Soir :: Normandy France

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Maison du Soir Sophia Constellation top // Maison du Soir Ava Constellation pants (and in shorts)

Oh, Maison du Soir you never disappoint. I was obsessed with this pair. Stars and constellations have always been my thing. Growing up, if I couldn’t sleep I would walk out to my balcony and watch the stars. Or if I had a sleepover I would make my friends bring blankets to the boat dock and lay out there and look at them. I was also that kid who haaad to have the glow in the dark stars for my bedroom – the ones you would stick to your celling with putty (lucky parents). There was always something so magical about stars and the formations they created. I can still remember seeing my first shooting star. Usually I am over dramatic when I experience new things but  I was dead silent when I saw it and kept it to myself. It was such a special moment to me, why, I am not sure, but it just felt so enchanting and something I wanted to remember for forever and not waste my time on the celebratory antics.

I always hated growing up in a small town and had such an itch to leave. I couldn’t wait to be “metropolitan.” But like anything, the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. One thing I find myself missing dearly is looking up and seeing a vast sky lit up by the stars. It is so sad to look up at the sky and not see all of the bright stars sparkling back. Since I am missing this magic moment I decided what better way to fill the void than by wearing them? I am continuing my Maison du Soir series today in Normandy and with the Constellation collection. Since Normandy is a quiet and small town I decided the Constellation pattern would be perfect. The nights there are so  beautiful and still, you can’t miss the stars even if you tried. We stayed in a beautiful Chateau right outside of town. The weather was cool so we slept with our windows open, which was a perfect way to view the stars. Although I am back in Dallas, I am still wearing my Constellation top and pants and wishing I was somewhere quiet and still so I could see the real thing! Until then I have Maison du Soir!

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Dark Green Inspiration

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I love white. I love wearing it, I love it in homes, I love seeing it in photographs, I really just love it. White is clean, fresh, refreshing, airy, and light. So, if I am this drawn to it, why do I find myself in dark colors? My bedroom is a midnight blue, a majority of my closet is black, and I love dark nails. I preach for the love of white but actually only practice in all things dark. Okay so that sounded morbid but really, I love dark! I think in theory white sounds amazing but I love a little color in my life. I need a little color in my life. Yes white is all of the aforementioned but when it comes down to actually living and breathing it – isn’t it a bit vanilla? You know, a little too sterile? I think there is always a place for it in your life but a girl needs some color!

If we are talking in color, I am definitely more drawn to darker hues. They feel comfortable, cozy, chic, and daring. So instead of a home or wardrobe in white, which is aspirational, I am sticking to my darks. At least for now! And luckily, I have found a new boutique where I can have it all. I can have my dark now and save the whites and brighter colors for later (shall I ever change my mind). This new place is oh so inspiring and has me dreaming in color combinations. My favorite right now? Dark, dark green! Isn’t it just luscious? I could wear it, live in it, and decorate with it. While I can’t share the name of this new boutique yet, I will spill the beans soon (and in a BIG way) but for now just know, they are changing the beauty scene! I was able to preview the colors early so I can’t wait to share more! I hope you all like what I got cookin…

images via sincerely julessophie robinson, peppermint bliss

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