Caftan Comfort

First things first – Thank you Molly for your amazing write-up today on my moms non-profit. I look forward to her Toast Talk every Monday so to see her write about something that means so much to me as my heart full of happiness! Read more of how to get involved and about the project on, A Piece Of Toast.

Second thing – I was in LA over the weekend with a few of my friends so am a bit out of sorts this Monday morning. While there I bought this amazing book which I have been reading (more to come on that) and it is totally changing the way I perceive things around me. It is really powerful but a little exhausting to read so as I am still trying to digest all it has thrown out at me. Since I am feeling a bit discombobulated this post will be short and sweet.

Third thing- okay, here it is – the post! You might know this about me already, but I love caftans. Like, love. They are easy, breezy, and comfortable. It is no surprise then that my first summer purchase was this Koza Elyse Fringed Herringbone Cotton Kaftan. You might have seen previous posts (like this one from NYC) where I am wearing a similar color palette caftan to the one you see here. Call me a creature of habit. When you know something works, you buy it in bulk. At least I do. I love to have various renditions of my favorite pieces. It makes me feel like I am changing my look but staying true to my style. So, when you buy five dresses in the same hue don’t beat yourself up about it. The way I look at it is – you are staying true to your personal style and not wavering with the latest trend. Which in my eyes means, you are pretty badass.

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