Boys Girl

I was a slight tomboy when I was younger. Or at least I pretended to be for a few weeks. I loved a good costume and playing a character, so for a few months I was a tomboy (haircut and all), then for a few months I was a super girly girl, and then I was a posh horseback rider, a prep, and skater… the list goes on and on. But the moral of the story – I liked playing dress-up. I semi chalk that stage up to being nothing more than figuring out who I was. You have to test out all of the waters to really get a good grasp and I can tell you – I wasn’t really one of those but maybe a slight bit of each! The one thing I can tell you about what I have learned about my style over the years – I dig basics. I mean, I reallllllly dig a great look built around basics. Why? Because it is comfortable, chic, classic, and timeless. I pound this into all of your brains but it is so simple and so true – a closet built around solid basics is a closet that will last you years and years. So maybe the greatest lesson I learned during my time as being a fashion chameleon was not only who I was but also, just how expensive it can be to try to be something you are not! So if you love a great preppy look, do it! If you love a great grunge look, be that! But if you are like me and love a great mimimalistic look – do it the best you can! Moral of the story, be who you are! It is just so much cheaper easier!

So-then-they-say-81 So-then-they-say-88 So-then-they-say-89 So-then-they-say-90 So-then-they-say-91 So-then-they-say-94 So-then-they-say-96 So-then-they-say-98 So-then-they-say-99 So-then-they-say-102

J.Crew Skinny jeans, ASOS Vila Longline Duster coat, Monrow Jersey Basic Oversized tee, Madewell Quilted Baseball hat, Converse Hight Top sneakers

Jewelry || Goldbug Collection Large drop earrings c/o, Jennifer Zeuner Sasah necklace, Jane Pope Thin Twig ring c/o, Daniel Wellington Classic St. Andrews c/o, Dana Rebecca Lauren Joy necklace

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    1. Aw, thank you so much! I am finally getting the hang of this whole photography thing 🙂


    1. Thank you!! And thanks for commenting 🙂 It is Celine! Christmas present from last year 🙂

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