Bold + Bolder

I love a good red. You may notice that I rock a red lip pretty much every other day. Whenever someone has it on I always do a double take. I love the way it pops against any skin tone, fabric, or hair color. I also think it is a nice break up from the floral you see so much of in the summer.

I chose this outfit to go late night salsa dancing. With the salty breeze, a drink in hand, and my all red I felt like I could salsa with the locals! I know it is stereotypical to say red makes you feel bolder but, no lie, I feel like I have more confidence when I am rocking the hue.

Photography by Brice
Zara shorts and shoes

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15 thoughts on “Bold + Bolder

  1. I love all the red! It looks great on you. My favorite red is Revlon “really red.” I love the matte finish 🙂

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