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Ben Nye Banana Finishing Powder – I just discovered this after learning about “baking” your make-up! It is an amazing finishing powder (I mix it with this in a cub) and makes your make-up last all day! It can be a little hard to wash off so I recommend using this as well! (be sure to watch this video and let it sit for at least 5-10 min and then brush off to see its full affects).

Laura Mercier Foundation Primer – Radiance – Oh my gorgeousness! This illuminating cream is unbelievable. When you wear it you will literally look like a goddess. It is subtle but really does illuminate your skin. I will wear it by itself if I am running around town or on my cheeks and top of my forehead to add a little glow to my evening make-up.

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frank body Body Balm – I love this body balm. It took a while to get used to because it has beads that look more like an exfoliating cream but don’t worry, they do dissolve! It is the perfect balance of oil and moisturizer! I wear it every time I exfoliate my legs with this (the hubs and I swear by it) or when I see them getting overly dry.

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Benefit lash-hugging gel liner pen – If your eyeliner has ever run to the top of your eyelid, this is a game changer! I grew really frustrated after being promised an eyeliner wouldn’t run and then every time I looked in the mirror at the end of the day it was every where! I decided to give this liner pen a try and was so surprised that it actually worked! A little goes a long way so it has lasted a while too! The only negative, you do need to have eye make-up remover! This baby is tough!

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Frank Body Lip Scrub and Balm Duo – I always read about making your own exfoliating sugar lip scrub but being an anti-DIY person I knew I never would. When Frank body, who I love, came out with a lip scrub duo I was sold! I immediately ordered it and have been in love ever since! The scrub really exfoliates away dead skin but leaves your lips feeling really moisturized. I know that sounds impossible but that is how magic this stuff is! And the Balm is incredible too! I wear it It is surprisingly light for being such an intense balm! I wear it over my Laura Mercier lip liner and even to bed! It is a really versatile balm.

Laura Mercier Lip Pencil (in Natural Lips) – I love to line my lips and fill them in with the same liner to achieve the “fuller lip” look. I have been wanting a natural lip liner color but every time I buy one it ends up  being too pink. I stopped in Blue Mercury the other day and asked for a brownish lip color and ended up with this one! It is so natural and looks great paired with my Frank Body Balm.

Mary Summers Beauty Secrets

Moroccan Oil Dry Shampoo – By far one of my favorite products! I have written about it before but I can’t help but share it again. I was told about this dry shampoo by my friend Krystal while on our Paris trip in October. I have probably used a bottle every two weeks since. It comes in dark and light tones and really soaks up any extra oil your hair may have. I also love the light tones as it helps my roots look a little lighter in-between highlights.
*use: I actually put this on my hair when it is wet. I blow dry it and then put a little bit more on when it is dry. It helps my hair last longer and also gives it that lighter look.

 Oribe Maximista Thickening Spray – I love Oribe but had never tried this Thickening spray. I really don’t like BIG TEXAS HAIR so since high school I have stayed away from thickening sprays. However, I put this in my hair on my last trip to the salon and I loved it! It gave it a little bit more texture and “oomph” to play with. Perfect for that extra pep all of our hair needs!

all photos from Mario Testino, In Your Face, book

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