August California’s – The ‘Courchevel’

I have preached the praises of August California before (see post here). I love the brand and their story – every bag is inspired by a past trip and the cities they visited. Being a traveler I can always relate to those who put extra thought into their travel accessories. And they do. Each little detail is thought out to perfection. With some of the highest quality leathers I have seen and intricate designs (always with travel in mind) August California bags have quickly become a new favorite. I find myself visiting their website to not only see their new inventory but to also read the story behind the bags. Any website who quotes Mark Twain – “CATCH THE TRADE WINDS IN YOUR SAILS. EXPLORE. DREAM. DISCOVER” on their opening page is alright by me.

My latest acquisition from the August California website is this gorgeous metallic bag, The Courchevel. I wore it every night on my last trip to Paris. It comes with a beautiful chain strap so you can wear it as a crossbody, on your shoulder, or as a clutch. The inside is very spacious but easy to organize as it has pockets within the bag. My favorite part, for any traveler or overly-cautious person, is that the outside flap has magnets. This insures your bag is always closed and not easily accessible to strangers wandering hands. If you need to give a really nice gift or treat yourself I recommend you heading to August California website and taking a peek. If only to get inspired by their beautiful stories!

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August California ‘The Courchevel’

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