A Paris Must – Galeries Lafayette Rooftop

For years I had seen photos from the tops of Paris. For some reason I had only ever stayed sea level and below and never fully experienced Paris from above. I had been told of numerous different spots to see Paris from a few stories up but never took advantage of it. This past trip to Paris I decided to take full advantage of one of these known spots – The Galeries Lafayette. The Galeries Lafayette as a building is something to see. The gilded walls and blue tile dome are enough to make the trip and the crowds worth it but it is their rooftop terrace that really seals the deal. Accompanied with an 180 degree view, comfy seating, a cafe and a restaurant you are sure to spend quite a bit of time up there. Oh, and did I forget to mention the views? They are incredible! The Eiffel Tower, Champs Elyse, and Montmartre are all easy to see. All you need to do is grab a drink, a seat, and get your camera ready! This is a Paris must! 

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