3 Places I want to Visit

Reine-norway Travel-Destination



How magical are these places? With the hustle and bustle of fall approaching and getting my calendar in order I always take comfort in looking at my travel wish list. I have a few trips planned this fall but I wouldn’t mind adding one of these to my list. Peeking out the window from Magic Mountain Hotel in Chile and then flying to see the Marbled Cathedral would definitely top my list of favorite things I have done. dream. Since my husband grew up in Europe he has been lucky enough to travel to just about every country within and surrounding the EU. After our trip to Brazil this past summer we both decided we wanted to explore more of what South America has to offer (hence my two Chile destinations). One, because it is beautiful and two, so we can experience new things together. But, being the european lover that I am I couldn’t resist putting up this beautiful picture of Norway! I am dying to get there!

p.s. six more days until the new site launches – So Then They Say!

picture source for marbled cathedral, reine norway (I searched all over the net for the original source but couldn’t find- thanks pinterest- please let me know if this is your photos so I can credit), magic mountain

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