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When it comes to beauty, the older I get the more obsessed I become. I now understand what my mom was talking about when she would mention the “fountain of youth.” But seriously, where is this f*$&%^ fountain? Through the years I have watched my skin completely change from even-toned, to riddled with sunspots, and hydrated to completely dry. And what has had to change with it? My make-up routine. Gone are the days I could throw on a simple brush of powder and blush and call it a day. I am being dead honest when I say, I never understood the reasons for concealer until this year. Now, I can’t leave the house without it and an entire gaggle of make-up on my face.

Because skin and what I put on it has become so important to me, I am very picky with what I buy. I swear by a few beauty products (some are mentioned here) but today I want to talk about Yonique. Have you heard of it? I recently made my first purchase (in search of that fountain) and have been very pleasantly surprised. Since I now have to actually wear make-up I have really been the market for something with full coverage and a light-weight look/feel.

All of their products seem amazing but my favorite products of theirs is the Primer, BB Cream, Eye Liner, Mascara,‪ and Divine daily moisturizer. Each product goes on so smoothly and really covers without looking too over done. I have attached a photo below to really show you just what type of coverage the primer gives you. I have become a fan of watching Crystal’s videos of ways to apply the make-up. She makes it really easy and interesting! Definitely subscribe! Her one simple tip – Make sure EVERYTHING dries before applying another product. When I heard this, I sort of rolled my eyes, “who has time for that?” But I was shocked at how fast it really does dry and makes such a difference! So, I must 100% agree with her!

And lastly, I have to rave about the Mascara! It has 3D fibers which literally make your lashes longer and thicker. The hypoallergenic formula is gentle on eyes but with HUGE results. When I use it, it looks like I have eye lash extensions but then washes off easily at night. I am obsessed! I couldn’t exactly tell you how it works but my guess is, the fibers build on top of each other creating a literal extension of your lash! If you try one product, make it this one!


check out their primer – shop it here


check out their lipstick – shop it here


** this is NOT a sponsored post! I really do LOVE their products and wanted to share them with you!! Let me know if you try them and what you get!

For more information check out their website here

first photo via talisa_sutton

Dash & Albert Dog Bed

One of my blisses in life is throwing a good party! I love to add the perfect finishing touches to make it an event no one will forget. When I am not organizing a party at my home, I am creating new spaces for the hubs to come home to and a place we can enjoy a good cocktail! #lush! I love nothing more than to sit outside on a beautiful night, with a great glass of wine, and catch up on our day. I always try to make the space we are in nice, and since Annie is our child, she gets the same treatment.

I had been seeing these beautiful (and very chic) striped dog beds around Instagram for a while and I finally found the source – Dash & Albert. They are so classic and chic, I knew I had to have one! They come in many different colors and shapes (options for small dogs too), and the stripes make them suitable for any type of event. I am so excited for this bed, as I no longer feel the need to toss her bed in the laundry room when we have guest over! It fits in so perfectly and actually adds a really nice offset to the minimalistic furniture we have around our house! This is the perfect bed for summer too, as it is indoor/outdoor. The beads inside make it easy to move and breathable for any type of temperature.

Dash and Albert Dog Bed-8Dash and Albert Dog Bed-3Dash and Albert Dog Bed-10Dash and Albert Dog Bed-11 Dash and Albert Dog Bed-4 Dash and Albert Dog Bed-12Dash and Albert Dog Bed-15Dash and Albert Dog Bed-13 Dash and Albert Dog Bed-14   Dash and Albert Dog Bed-17 Dash and Albert Dog Bed-18 Dash and Albert Dog Bed-19 Dash and Albert Dog Bed

Naturalizer Davenport Travel shoe

They say, “with age comes wisdom,” and I must agree. I definitely don’t have it all together or have all the answers to questions I asked myself 10 years ago, but what I do know, comfort is key! Especially when you are traveling. I have tried shoe after shoe trying to find that perfect mix between cute and comfortable. However, the challenge was harder than expected. I either went fore cute, and ended up with a million blisters, a bad attitude, and one very annoyed husband, or comfort, which looked a lot like a running sneaker. Basically, I didn’t think the perfect travel shoe existed.
After years of trial and error I finally found my perfect balance, The Davenport from Naturalizer. Naturalizer has been around for years and has always been known for their comfortable, durable product. However, I never found a shoe of theirs that fit my style or needs. Until now. Their new selection of shoes has everything, and more, for what you need. I love the Davenport and Kail (a less expensive and more comfortable version of the Vince). Their new styles have the same comfort but with a hipper, more modern look. From the moment I tried them on I was sold. The insides are very supportive on your arch and feel as though you are walking on a cloud, covered in gel. They are every travelers (or women’s) dream!
I have a big trip planned in a few months and the one item I KNOW will be in my suitcase, the Davenport! I (and my feet) can’t imagine walking, site seeing, or exploring in anything else!
** these photos were shot in Montmartre, Paris by my very talented,
and dear friend, Mary Quincy

Naturalizer DAVENPORT 4 Naturalizer DAVENPORT 5 Naturalizer DAVENPORT 6 Naturalizer DAVENPORT 7 Naturalizer DAVENPORT 9 Naturalizer DAVENPORT

Naturalizer Travel Shoe-2 Naturalizer Travel Shoe-3 Naturalizer Travel Shoe-4


outfit details // FRAME ‘Le Skinny’ Denim (hemmed at the ankle), Current Elliot ‘Petit’ Tee, Lo & Sons ‘Claremont’ Camera bag, Naturalizer ‘The Davenport’, Illesteva ‘Leonard’ sunglasses


photos shot by my very talented Parisian friend, Mary Quincy

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