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Easy like Sunday morning! Actually, that was exactly what this outfit was. Between a photoshoot for a client, walking the dog, and running Christmas errands with the husband we snapped this outfit. I wanted to show an easy outfit for running around town in. And one I actually wear running around town! Not one of those outfits you see on other blogs where it looks like they spent hours getting ready just to go to the grocery store. This is not that kind of website. My theory – all you need is a black and white striped shirt (and this one from The Fifth label is now $30)! The actual shirt is so soft and light that I have been wearing it under sweaters, blazers, and with leather pants and jeans. The poor thing arrived last week and I have already worn the s*&$ out of it! The holiday season is busy enough, don’t waste time thinking about what to wear! Just throw a stripe on! Although the husband did ask if I was playing dress-up as a “prison escapee.” Ugh, men!

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outfit details // The Fifth Label ‘Sleepwalker Tee’ (now on sale for $30), J.Brand Jeans (I cut the bottom myself) Here is another lower cost option if you plan on cutting the bottoms too, Sézane ‘Johnson’ coat, Adidas Original Superstar sneakers, ASOS beanie

Gift Ideas for the Traveler

Gift Ideas for the Traveler

Gigi New York x Kat Tanita Passport Holder: I used to think having a passport holder was for the over-the-top, leopard wearing, American traveler. The one that rolls in with the blingy suitcase and always has a slightly confused look on her face but is ever so prepared because she has that passport case. Call me judgy but that is always who I saw carrying one around. However, after receiving this Gigi New York case from Kat I realized how much easier it makes life. You can quickly find it in your bag, it protects your Passport, and conceals it from any thieves. I love the color and leather of the one you see above but have also been using this Holyhead from August California as the minimalism and simplicity really fit my travel style!

Honest Hazel Travel Under Eye Gel Pads: For long distant travel I always try to bring face moisturizer (recently used this one and it was great) and face wipes. My dry skin on the airplane has always been a concern however, lately I have really noticed my puffiness in my face after a long flight. I recently discovered these Honest Hazel under eye pads which reduce puffiness, brightens dark circles, and firms the delicate skin under your eyes. I am bringing an entire pack with me to Europe in a few weeks and am excited to put them on, relax, and let them do their magic! I am going to look so refreshed my in-laws might not even notice me at baggage claim!

Candy Shop Vintage Champagne Bottle Pendant Necklace: What traveler doesn’t like to have a good time? After all isn’t that the reason they are traveling? For adventure, memories, and new discoveries. I received this necklace as a gift and thought it was the perfect idea to give to my other traveler friends. Not only as a way to commemorate their latest adventures but also to, “les le bon ton roulé” for their next one. And if a really cool piece of jewelry isn’t enough, each package comes with a cocktail receipt! Bon Voyage!

Sukie Travel Journal (I also like this one): I almost bought this travel journal while in Merci this summer to document my “summer adventures.” There is something so special (and therapeutic) about hand-writing your thoughts in a notebook and then getting to go back years later and re-live them. This journal is especially great for travelers as each few pages there are pockets to put in mementos from that day or weeks travels. I didn’t end up buying it this summer but I did receive it as a gift before leaving for Cuba and I am really happy it finally made its way into my life. I have been using it since my last trip and am really excited to keep adding to it!

Gray Malin ‘The Sprinkle’ Carry On Cocktail kit (and in Gin and Tonic, Old Fashion, Moscow Mule, Champagne): If you follow me on Instagram you know I brought this Cocktail Kit with me to Cuba. I really don’t know what it is about sprinkles but they add so much fun any time they are added! I am such a fan of these “Carry On Cocktail Kits” as I like having full control over how my in-flight drink is made! And lets be honest, a holiday isn’t started until you have that first drink so why  not start on the plane?! These are the perfect stocking stuffer (at under $20) as they are small enough to fit in any carry-on or purse and they offer a few different options to satisfy all types of drinkers travelers.


August California’s – The ‘Courchevel’

I have preached the praises of August California before (see post here). I love the brand and their story – every bag is inspired by a past trip and the cities they visited. Being a traveler I can always relate to those who put extra thought into their travel accessories. And they do. Each little detail is thought out to perfection. With some of the highest quality leathers I have seen and intricate designs (always with travel in mind) August California bags have quickly become a new favorite. I find myself visiting their website to not only see their new inventory but to also read the story behind the bags. Any website who quotes Mark Twain – “CATCH THE TRADE WINDS IN YOUR SAILS. EXPLORE. DREAM. DISCOVER” on their opening page is alright by me.

My latest acquisition from the August California website is this gorgeous metallic bag, The Courchevel. I wore it every night on my last trip to Paris. It comes with a beautiful chain strap so you can wear it as a crossbody, on your shoulder, or as a clutch. The inside is very spacious but easy to organize as it has pockets within the bag. My favorite part, for any traveler or overly-cautious person, is that the outside flap has magnets. This insures your bag is always closed and not easily accessible to strangers wandering hands. If you need to give a really nice gift or treat yourself I recommend you heading to August California website and taking a peek. If only to get inspired by their beautiful stories!

august california travel bag-4 august california travel bag-6  august california travel bag-9august california travel bag-12august california travel bag-7

August California ‘The Courchevel’

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